Friday, 19 August 2011

Down with corruption - Hail Mother India

For the benefit of your non-Indian readers (or anyone who might not have been following recent events in India), earlier this week, an elderly activist against corruption, Anna Hazare (74), along with around 1200 of his supporters, were summarily arrested (apparently, on the direct orders of the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh) for attempting to begin a public hunger strike to the death in Delhi.
Anna Hazare had previously started to fast to the death earlier this year, but he withdrew when he was allowed to contribute to the drawing up of a new law against corruption. However, now that this proposed legislation has been published, it exempts the Indian Prime Minister and certain Senior Indian Judges from investigation and prosecution - effectively placing them above the law. .
This begs the obvious question: What has Manmohan Singh got to be so afraid of ?
Ironically, by throwing Anna Hazare in prison and falsely accusing him of trying to circumvent democracy, Manmohan Singh has effectively spat upon democracy by attempting to exclude what is self-evidently the opinion of the majority of the Indian electorate. Indeed, countless thousands of ordinary Indian voters have rallied in support of Anna Hazare, who sees this issue as a second struggle for Indian Independence. Outside the prison, crowds of peaceful protesters have waved the Indian flag and chanted: 'Down With Corruption - Hail Mother India.'
Today, it has been announced that Anna Hazare has agreed with police in Delhi not to pursue his public hunger strike to the death, but only for 15 days. He should be released later today.
Hopefully,  the corrupt officials responsible for allowing 'MLM income oportunity'fraud into the Republic of India, are now quaking in their boots. Furthermore, it is an absolute certainty that money stolen by 'MLM' racketeers from Indian citizens will have found its way into the coffers of corrupt Indian political parties and into the pockets of corrupt Indian politicians. Given these facts, the possible, rigorous investigation of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud in India, might be part of what Manmohan Singh fears?
David Brear (copyright 2011)

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