Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Proud speakasians now maintain stony silence

When it was first time written against speakasiaonline on February 6, 2011, there was a huge cry and a number of 'proud' speakasians posted their ire on this blog. Now not one speakasian is visible nor audible.
Ms Harender Kaur, the Chief Executive Officer of Haren Ventures went into hiding and another CEO who is just below the rank of Ms Kaur is also in hiding. The Chief Operating Officer, Mr Tarak Bajpai, is behind bars.
The funds are blocked in the Banks. Now the true colours are revealed and everyone is running helter skelter.
Not surprisingly, after filing the writ petition against the police and Corporate Frauds Watch, now every time it is the counsels of speakasiaonline who are seeking adjournments every time the case is listed on the Bench.
It has happened once again on Wednesday. The senior counsel for speakasiaonline requested the Bench for more time even to hear the arguments of the Advocate General and the counsel for Corporate Frauds Watch.
It is high time, people realised and keep themselves off from joining such schemes.
It is really sad people never learn from past experience. Now the members of NMart are crying hoarse against Corporate Frauds Watch for pointing out that the business model of NMart is fraudulent. 

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