Tuesday, 16 August 2011

'Club Asteria' - a financial crime against humanity

Corporate Frauds Watch is now being contacted by a minority of former core-adherents of ‘Club Asteria’ who are prepared to confess that not only did they lose their own cash, but they also lured others into the same swindle – genuinely believing that they were helping their fellow human beings to achieve a better life. Perhaps the time has come for legislators to identify the growing-problem of ‘financial crimes against humanity.
Corporate Frauds Watch continues to redirect the few visible victims of the ‘Club Asteria’ swindle to US law enforcement agencies. It now seems very probable that Andrea Lucas, and her associate-parasites, will finally be held to account. However, given the scale of the ‘Club Asteria’ swindle, what would it be appropriate to charge its instigators with?
The overwhelming majority of destitute 'Club Asteria’ victims remain silent. Andrea Lucas and her criminal associates have used, and continue to use, co-ordinated, devious techniques of psychological and social persuasion, designed to shut down their victims’ critical and evaluative faculties, and convince them that failure to make money was entirely their own fault. For obvious reasons, the courageous few who have come forward to confess that they were victims, and promoters, of a pernicious fraud, exhibit classic psychological deterioration symptoms; particularly, overwhelming feelings (guilt, shame, anger and embarrassment). Such problems are also generally indicative of the victims of abuse.
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