Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Task Force police nab Amway copycat Nano Excel's chief Harish Maddineni

Hyderabad Task Force police on Tuesday arrested one Maddineni Harish, managing director of Nano Excel Corporation which has been indulging in illegal money circulation scheme by peddling several products. This fraudulent company which is nothing but a copy cat of Amway India has already collected several hundreds of millions all over country. It claims it is marketing health and wellness products!
Funnily, its health care product is Nano Power Card (just keep the card in your pocket to improve your health), Home care product is Bio ceraAto zero shower head, Home care products are laundry ball (just put it in the washing machine and get your clothes cleaner) and cooking stone, safe drinking water products are water filter jug, mineral water system and Nano water bottle.
Nano Excel boasts that it is into Nano power plant and improving nano fabric and many other latest technologies. Started just three years ago, the Nano Excel has already collected several hundreds of millions of rupees all over country and it boasts of having members in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It claims to be headquartered in United Arab Emirates with India headquarters in New Delhi.Like all crooks this fellow Harish Maddineni got photographs of him with celebrities like the former Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam,  Mr Tunku Naquiddin, prince of Malaysia, and also claims to possess doctorate in Nano Therapy (whatever that means).
Finally, the the Task Force of Central Crime Station, Hyderabad, police has caught up with the racketeer and arrested him.


corporate frauds watch said...

The Kerala counterpart of Nano Excel Corporation, Patrick Thomas was arrested by the Kerala police. The police have come to conclusion that this international racket was worth Rs. 347 crore (Rs.3.47 billion). Already several criminal cases were registered aginst the accused in different States with there being 236 in Kerala alone. According to Mr K Raghuram Reddy, Additional DCP, Task Force, Hyderabad,they have seized incriminating documents from the accused's office.

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