Tuesday, 6 September 2011

America deserves to be ridiculed for allowing the pernicious 'MLM' hoax to go unchallenged


I see that Mr. Kasey Chang keeps insisting that he is on the same side as Corporate Frauds Watch and also insisting that I have imagined, and/or distorted, what he has said, but this ambiguous American has already posted reality-inverting bullshit on CFW about 'MLM being legal in USA and around the world'  and, furthermore, he's foolishly declared his morally-bankrupt hand by telling your readers that what happens in India is (frankly) none of his business.
My main criticism of Mr. Chang is that, to date, he has been incapable of seeing anyone else's point of view except his own. To casual observers, and particulary Americans, the ugly truth lurking behind the pretty 'MLM income opportunity' lie, remains unthinkable.
In the face of hostility from certain corrupt Indian politicians and law enforcement agents, we have been encouraging the Indian victims of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud to file complaints against 'MLM' racketeers with honest Indian law enforcement agents so that these complaints can be heard by honest Indian judges. Quite obviously, Mr. Chang's latest factual, but blinkered, statement about the failure of government, which places the emphasis on individuals to protect themselves, totally ignores the wider picture and again could easily discourage the Indian victims of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud from coming forward to complain. 
Unfortunately, all Mr.Chang's humourless statements have been based on his previous refusal to accept the extraordinary reality that, during the previous 50+ years, the US government, federal law enforcement agencies and courts have all completely failed to identify so-called 'MLM' (as it has actually been practiced) as a pernicious hoax which has been fundamentally unlawful as a form of theft. So-called 'MLM' (as it has been actually practiced) has not been judged unlawful in the USA, for the simple reason that 'MLM' (as it has been actually practiced) has mysteriously never been rigorously investigated or put on trial. Thus, I am pouring scorn on the US government and justice system, because whilst the instigators of the pernicious 'MLM' hoax continue to go unchallenged and unpunished, America deserves to be ridiculed. Indeed, the US government and justice system have become an important part of the pernicious 'MLM' hoax; for until 1979 and the morally, and intellectually, feeble intervention of a bunch of Federal Trade Commission attorneys, this was a purely American phenomenon. 
When the dunces with diplomas at the FTC failed to close 'Amway' after the organization's unlawful enterprise had been clearly uncovered during the 1970s, but its own echelon of shyster attorneys succeeded in duping (or bribing) a federal judge into believing that 'Amway's' unlawful enterprise had been completely reformed, the pernicious 'MLM' hoax began to spread around the world. Since that time, the increasingly-wealthy racketeers who launched the pernicious 'MLM' hoax have all steadfastly pretended that their enterprise has been rigorously-investigated and judged lawful in the USA and elsewhere. Mr. Chang has previously not only swallowed this reality-inverting bullshit, but he's also regurgitated it on CFW; for it was an absurd and dangerous lie to say that 'MLM' (as it has actually been practiced) is a lawful enterprise.  In reality, many millions of stolen dollars have been invested by 'MLM' racketeers in order to prevent their unlawful enterprise from being rigorously investigated and prosecuted in the USA and elsewhere. A significant quantity of this stolen cash has found its way into the bulging pockets of US politicians (including former Presidents) and legally-qualified US federal law enforcement agents (including the former Chairman of the FTC), it's also found its way into the pockets of certain academics.
The position of Corporate Frauds Watch remains that, to date, Mr. Chang has been a blinkered nuisance who, if he'd taken the trouble to do due diligence himself (and examined the wider-evidence, which he actually has boasted he has not done), would have quickly discovered (like us) that, without exception, all 'MLM income opportunities' have been examples of essentially the same cultic racket, and that, without exception, all  'MLM income opportunity'  racketeers have sought to avoid being held to account by blaming (and, thus, silencing) their victims.
Having said all that, I detect that Kasey Chang, is now slowly beginning to examine the wider evidence and to see our point of view.
It's been a hell of a struggle to convince him, though. 
David Brear (copyright 2011)


GuyReviews said...

Mr. Brear,

I have stated before "MLM is legal", and it is in the US. It may not be good for the participants, but it is legal, and that is a fact.

Your position is that "MLM *should* be illegal." I do NOT disagree with that.

The two are NOT conflicting statements, but you insist that they are indeed opposites. Thus lies our conflict.

I must also protest that you persist in taking my "none of my business" quote out of context. The original full paragraph insisted that I have NOT studied Amway and its practices in India, I don't know about Indian law, and thus, what Amway does in India I am not qualified to comment on, thus not my business.

Yet you choose to construe that statement as if I somehow refuse to to see Amway's dark side, and I somehow condone Amway's fraud, as you'd put it, in India.

Again, you chose to make a mountain out of a molehill, by creatively reinterpreting additional meanings out of simple words.

Your persistence in seeing me as an opponent may have contributed to you seeing "hidden meanings" behind my words when there was none.



GuyReviews said...


IBN just reported that CID is indeed talking with Interpol and hope to investigate SpeakAsia masterminds in Singapore with Interpol's help.


Mr. Brear,

To clarify, MLM may indeed be a fraud, but it is legal in many parts of the world.

"MLM is Legal" is NOT in conflict with "MLM is fraud". Something can be legal AND a fraud at the same time. I suspect that in your mind, you interpreted that any one who wrote "MLM is legal" is somehow attacking your view (backed up by a lot of research) that "MLM is fraud".

This, plus your grating (IMHO) and grandiose writing style, plus your persistence in seeking hidden meanings in other people's words (including mine), lead to misunderstandings between us.

However, I have always considered you a valued expert albeit a exasperating one.

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