Friday, 13 January 2012

The Diagnostic Criteria for Amway (Multi-Level Marketing ) Addiction Disorder

In response to our latest crop of intellectually-castrated commentators, here are:
The Diagnostic Criteria for Amway (Multi-Level Marketing ) Addiction Disorder
1 - Do you feel preoccupied with Amway (MLM)?
2 - Do you have complete faith that Amway (MLM) is not a dissimulated fraud, and/or cult, and that it really is a viable income opportunity?
3 - Have you never seen the audited accounts (particularly, income-tax receipts) of persons who have made verbal claims to have earned income from Amway (MLM)?
4 - Do you have complete faith that Amway (MLM) products and services are of sufficient quality and value that they can be regularly sold for a profit on the open market (i.e to the public)?
5 - Do you have complete faith that the instigators of Amway (MLM) are law-abiding and can be trusted?
6-  Do you have complete faith that the persons above you in the Amway (MLM) Network hierarchy are law-abiding and can be trusted?
7 - Do you have complete faith that all quantifiable evidence proving, and all persons suggesting, that Amway (MLM) is a dissimulated fraud, and/or cult, cannot be trusted?
8 - Do you regularly buy  Amway (MLM) products, and/or services? 
9 - Have you never regularly sold Amway (MLM) products, and/or services, to the public for a profit?
10 - Have you regularly bought Amway (MLM)-related publications, recordings and tickets to meetings?
11 - Do you have complete faith that Amway (MLM)-related publications, recordings and meetings contain secrets vital to achieving freedom and success?
12 - Have you changed your usual manner of speaking since becoming involved with Amway (MLM)?
13 - Do you find yourself habitually-repeating key words, phrases and acronyms (IBO, PV, BV, BSM, etc.) which have been constantly-repeated to you in Amway (MLM)-related publications, recordings and meetings?
14 -Have you changed your usual manner of dress since becoming involved with Amway(MLM) ?
15 - Have you changed your usual sleep pattern, and/or diet, since becoming involved with Amway (MLM ?
16 - Have you fixed positive images of your dreams and goals at strategic places in your home? 
17 - Have you regularly focused on positive images of your dreams and goals and visualised yourself achieving them?
18 - Do you dream of achieving Amway (MLM) freedom and success as a means of escaping from personal, and/or financial, problems or of relieving a distressed mood (i.e. feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety, depression, alienation, etc.)
19 - Do you believe that a 100% positive attitude (complete faith) is one of the secrets of achieving freedom and success in Amway (MLM), and that if you fail to achieve freedom and success this will be the result of a negative attitude and, therefore, you will only have yourself to blame?
20 - Do you find yourself habitually dividing everything in your life into: Amway (MLM) and positive, for winners (to be included)versus non-Amway (MLM) and negative, for losers (to be excluded)?
21 - Do you have complete faith that you can achieve total financial freedom within just a few years, through duplicating a positive plan to buy Amway (MLM) products and to recruit others to duplicate the same positive plan? 
22 - Have you drawn up a prospect list (i.e. all the names of all the people you have ever encountered in your life)?
23 - Have you tried to find and contact the individuals on yourprospect list with the intention of recruiting them into Amway (MLM)?
24 - Have you used a positive script to try to recruit people intoAmway (MLM), but which actually hid your real objective?
25 - Do you believe that all tactics are justified to recruit others into Amway (MLM), because, in the end, Amway (MLM) will be of great benefit to everyone ?
26 - Have you repeatedly made unsuccessful attempts to control, cut back or stop your Amway (MLM) involvement? 
27 - Do you feel restless, moody, depressed, or irritable when attempting to cut down or to stop your Amway (MLM) involvement?
28 - Have you spent far more time and money on Amway (MLM) than you originally intended?
29 - Have you jeopardised or risked the loss of a significant relationship, job, educational or career opportunity because of Amway (MLM)?
30 - Have you lied to friends and family members, professional advisers, and/or to others, to conceal the extent of your losses in Amway (MLM)
Anyone truthfully answering 'yes' to more than 5 of the above question, is suffering from Amway (MLM) Addiction Disorder
Corporate Frauds Watch (copyright 2012)


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Shyam Sundar said...

IBOFB you are a shameless crooks. You have been told umpteen times that you are not welcome here. IF you have anything substantial to support your claim just say. Otherwise just tuck the tail and slink off.

Anna Banana said...

Good list and you kept it a lot cleaner than I could have!