Friday, 27 January 2012

Where are Kuntal's 'Amway'-related income-tax receipts?

You free-thinking readers should be both alarmed and amused to read the following intellectually-castrated comment posted on Corporate Frauds Watch by a poor little fellow signing himself 'Kuntal's Blog.' He says:
'You may keep on shouting & screaming bad things about AMWAY but I have 7 of my Family members including me doing AMWAY for 3 years...My uncle was an Auto Rickshaw driver today he gets cheque's worth 22-25000 everymonth he is at 15% stage of Amway n this will continue to increase...and it will reach to amounts of 55000-60000 as soon as he touches the Silver Pin of Amway..My Mom is presently at 9% she at an average gets Rs9000-14000I am presently at 6% and from my Heart & Soul I wish AMWAY grows & we grow with it together.'
One thing is absolutely certain, 'Kuntal' (if he really exists) will never have seen any quantifiable evidence (in the form of his so-called 'Upline's' audited accounts; particularly, income-tax receipts) proving that the so-called 'Amway MLM income opportunity'is economically-viable and lawful. Tellingly, if we were to offer 'Kuntal'one million dollars to produce the quantifiable evidence (in the form of audited accounts; particularly, income-tax receipts) proving that he, or any member of his family (if they really exist), has (during the previous 3 years) received one Rupee of overall net-profit lawfully as a result of regularly retailing over-priced, 'Amway'- supplied products to the Indian public: then we would be met with stoney silence or a stream of scripted-abuse/excuses.
Unfortunately, it is a matter of public record that, during the previous 50+ years, tens of millions of hopeful persons have been churned through the so-called 'Amway MLM income opportunity' around the world. The quantifiable evidence (i.e. the total absence of any significant income-tax revenue) proves beyond all reasonable doubt that, apart from an insignificant minority of grinning 'Diamond' schills (the majority of whose wealth has secretly-derived from a related, advance fee fraud a.k.a. 'tool scam'), 'Amway' has actually been the corporate cover for a ongoing, closed-market swindle in which illegal internal payments have been laundered as 'sales' (i.e. 'Amway' victims have received effectively-unsaleable wampum to obscure the reality of their situation and prevent them from complaining). 
The billionaire bosses of this sustainable, global, blame-the-victim racket (of which 'Kuntal' and his family are apparently deluded Indian victims) have been hiding the fact that their so-called 'Amway MLM income opportunity' has had an overall, drop-out/failure rate of 100%. Futhermore, deluded 'Amway' victims have been subjected to co-ordinated devious technques of social, psychological and physical persuasion. In this way, countless poor persons like 'Kuntal' and his family have been programmed like robots systematically to hide the truth about their overall losses in 'Amway,' in order to recruit further victims.
So come on 'Kuntal' don't be shy, prove my analysis wrong. Where exactly, young man, are your 'Amway' accounts; particularly, your income-tax receipts?
David Brear (copyright 2012)


IBOFB said...
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Shyam Sundar said...

This hooded fellow wants one million dollars to prove the truth.

nationwide said...

One affair is actually certain, 'Kuntal' (if he absolutely exists) will never accept apparent any assessable affirmation (in the anatomy of his alleged 'Upline's' audited accounts; particularly,

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