Thursday, 12 January 2012

With whom have the billionaire 'Amway' bosses really been associated?

In the past, if the agents of an enemy power had tried to set up a serious fraud in Britain, presumeably, British security services would have been interested. Yet, the evidence proves beyond all reasonable doubt that (starting in 1973) a gang of Americans (linked financially to the Republican party) was allowed to set up, and shield, a multi-billion dollar, corporate fraud in Britain (and operate it for 34 years without the slightest regulatory challenge) whilst British security services never even noticed. 
Similarly, today, if the agents of an enemy power tried to set up a serious fraud in India, presumeably, the republic of India's security services would be interested. Yet, the evidence again proves beyond all reasonable doubt that (starting in the late 1990s) the same gang of Americans (linked financially to the Republican party) was allowed to set up, and shield, the same multi-billion dollar, corporate fraud in India (which they continue to operate without the slightest regulatory challenge) whilst the republic of India's security services haven't even noticed.  
One would have thought that, at the very least, the Indian security services would be interested in the fact that the American-based bosses of 'Amway,' have been linked to the instigator of 'Blackwater.
The mediocre, but rich, little Prince who apparently created 'Blackwater,' is Erik Dean Prince  If your free-thinking readers care to take a look at his background, they could almost be reading the life-story of the second generation of deluded billionaire 'Amway' crime bosses (with whom he has been so closely-associated). 
However, perhaps more than any other single person, Erik Prince reflects the morally and intellectually (and soon-to-be financially) bankrupt America of the 21st. century. Behind his wealthy, clean-cut, patriotic, Christian, capitalist, hero mask, lurks a puerile narcissist of no real importance, but who inherited sufficient cash to live-out a kitsch, comic-book, 'Rambo'-style fantasy of his own moral and intellectual authority as though it is total reality. 
Erik Prince, and his equally-unimportant ilk, will probably never be able to face external reality, but why should they, when (to date) no grown-up, true, morally and intellectually authoritative, potential leader has emerged in the USA, with the courage and vision to try to re-establish the Constitution, and the rule of law, before it's too late.  
The 'Blackwater' company went from nothing, to become the corporate front for perhaps the most-profitable, private mercenary force in history. At one time, the US Congress began to investigate what was going on, because Prince had been awarded annual, unclassified contracts of more than $1.6 billion with the US government (+ an unknown quantity of classified contracts), but there didn't seem to have been any real competition for this juicy business, or any truly-independent control over the budget. In 2007, Prince was finally asked to appear before a Congressional committee, and one of the financially-dependent politicians politely asked him: what influence members of the DeVos family had in his acquiring all this cash from the Bush administration? Young Erik simply smiled, and replied in the negative. Faced with further investigations, Prince was later obliged to sell his multi-billion dollar company (but only on paper). 
There is very little essential difference between Erik Prince and the global terrorists he has claimed to oppose; for he is undoubtedly a self-righteous sociopath who believes that he is one of God's chosen people and that Christian America is engaged in a never ending struggle against evilThis two-dimensional fiction, has allowed Erik Prince systematically to justify his grandiose objective that the US government should de-regulate its armed forces to run them like a business - renting-out American military muscle for a profit (presumeably, to anyone who is willing to pay). 
David Brear (copyright 2012)
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