Monday, 2 January 2012

'MLM income opportunity' racketeers are The Scum Of The Earth

Your free-thinking readers know that, in the absence of any real government attempt to educate or protect the public, 'Corporate Frauds Watch' is an independent, Indian-based Blog, warning the people of the Republic of India about the danger of organized fraud in general, and of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud in particular.
It is currently estimated that out of a total population of 1.2 billions, 121 millions Indians use the Internet. However, more than half of these people do not have a computer. They access the Net. via their mobile smartphones. There are already 898 millions mobile phone subscribers in India, with an estimated 200 millions more for 2012 . The majority of Indians who seek information on any particular subject, now go to the Net. Thus, the battleground to establish the truth about 'MLM income opportunity' fraud has long-since become the Internet. Yet, no mainstream academic (writing on the Net.) has addressed this major global problem directly. Sadly, 'MLM income opportunity'fraud has been maliciously designed to be beyond the understanding of not just its deluded victims, but also, all casual observers.
I've just finished reading an end-of-the-year article by John Gray, author of 'False Dawn: The Delusions of Global Capitalism' . Mr. Gray is certainly not the first academic commentator to recognise that we humans keep repeating the same 'follies and delusions' which have often led us to disaster in the past, but, at the same time, each new generation foolishly imagines itself to be far more clever than all previous generations and, therefore, immune to such avoidable-catastrophies. Mr. Gray also puts forward the unoriginal idea that political/social/economic systems, based on the apparently-laudable theory of 'endless human progress,' have been demonstrably-dangerous Utopian myths, written in a secular, rather than a religious, vocabulary.
The foundation upon which Mr. Gray's (difficult-to-understand) article has been built, is the (easily-understood, but ultimately-inaccurate) metaphor of 'termites secretly-eating a wooden structure,' previously used by the Hungarian writer, Arthur Koestler, to describe (in his book, 'Scum Of The Earth,' published in 1941) how, one dark-day in 1940, western Europeans suddenly woke-up and discovered that a migrating colony of unthinking, and voracious, 'Nazi' insects had turned their carefully-constructed, but destabilized, democratic, world to dust.
Unfortunately, Mr. Gray's thinking remains anchored in the vocabulary of his own academic discipline (political philosophy) and, therefore, his general analysis of present day events is typical of most contemporary intellectuals; for, if your free-thinking readers go through Mr. Gray's article, they will not find any reference to: fraud, manipulation, pseudo-science, corruption, greed, narcisissism, deception, racketeering, lying, etc. Yet these are the enduring cancers (albeit dressed-up in the latest ephemeral-disguise of 'free-market capitalism') which have produced the current world economic crisis and which previously-produced the 'Wall Street Crash' and 'Great Depression' which, in turn, fed the secondary 'Nazi' cancer in Europe, and which are again being allowed to eat their way (largely-unobserved) into the heart of our carefully-constructed, but destabilized, democratic world (this time dressed-up as Utopian 'MLM income opportunities'). 
David Brear (copyright 2011)

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