Monday, 22 October 2012

Thoughtless questions?: Thoughtful answers!

One of the poor inhabitants of the 'Amway' fools' paradise, Anshuman Sharma, has politely asked: 

You said 10 millions distributor signed in Amway and no body earned what they invest.

1) then how you say in early blogs MLM is quik and fast money?
2) if no body is earning how this orgnisation is running in more then 100 countries .and why distributors are get enrolled?
The answers to these questions are as follows:
  • The only people who have been making quick and easy money in 'Amway'are the tiny minority who have been peddling the overwhelming majority (i.e. a never-ending chain of vulnerable participants) expensive places in a classic fools' paradise. Over the years, tens of millions of victims have been attracted into the 'Amway' trap by an offer of future easy money (i.e. 'total financial freedom'), but, to avoid the accusation that they are running a 'get-rich quick scheme,'  the 'Amway' racketeers have fostered the reality-inverting belief that only people who believe 100% in success and who are prepared to work hard for 2-5 years, will achieve 'total financial freedom.' Yet the quantifiable evidence clearly proves that no matter how hard you work in'Amway' or how much you believe that you will succeed, eventually, you can never succeed.
  • Until the 1970s, the  'Amway' racketeers confined their clandestine cultic/criminal activities to North America. Only when faced with investigation and the possibility of closure, they began to move abroad to Australia, Europe etc.. As trade regulators/legislators around the world have slowly begun to understand how the blame-the-victim 'Amway' fraud functions, the 'Amway' racketeers have simply moved their abusive activities to countries where the problem is largely unknown. Vulnerable people continue to be fooled by the 'Amway' fraud, because the organization has maintained an absolute monopoly of information about the catastrophic results of the so-called 'Amway Income Opportunity.' Obviously, no one would join any so-called 'Income Opportunity' with an effectively 100% loss/churn rate, unless they were being deceived.
Corporate Frauds Watch


rkfoundetion said...

shyam sundar garu dayachesi mee phone nambar evvagalara meetho matladalani undhi ple.....

Unknown said...


Seeing David Brear’s posting “….income opportunity a fool’s paradise” and your“question and answers” posting somehow I was unable to resist myself in posting this comment.

Opportunity is a situation; the result of that depends on the taker. Every opportunity when it is not taken properly no doubt one is in fool’s paradise.

Cambridge dictionary defines opportunity as an occasion or situation which makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do, or the possibility of doing something.

In MLM every enrolled member is given that situation or occasion to participate. It is his or her choice to participate. As rightly observed by Ayn Rand opportunity is like a ladder. On may wish to climb and the other may not wish.

Here, climbing the ladder is not at the cost of others. If it is at the cost of others it is again against the principles of equal opportunity.

No doubt in every society there are looters and moochers. But, one is not a looter or moocher just by taking the opportunity by default.

Take the case of employment opportunities. One Job…hundreds of applicants…who will take the job? Forget for the time being nepotism, recommendation etc. Job goes to the meritorious, hardworking, skilled and organized person; May be more qualities. Can you say that one jobholder is a looter?

Take the case of your own blog. Two months back your visitor-hits were about 200 thousand and when you have taken an opportunity to hit on Nmart your hit counter started climbing and today it is more than 492 thousand. This is opportunity. A situation or an occasion that prompted the surfers to visit your blog, since you are the party who filed a case, and thus created an opportunity for you to take your blog to new heights. How many other bloggers were able to take the opportunity in a right situation?

In some other cases, especially from the North India, for the past one decade, a new cult has taken an old idea with new opportunity. It is related to the human weakness. The religious shelter with corporate culture. Go to and search for his empire. Take Lal Kitab-G D Vashist. Take Param Pujya Bramharshi Sri Kumarswami. There are many but I have given only few examples. All are ready to give remedies (nivaaran, kripa) to all sorts of your ailments. Not free of cost! But for a price!

See their accumulated wealth year after year. Here, in this sort of people, everyone takes an opportunity and none deny that. How many people are questioning? All watch their programs on TV Channels. And their popularity surge day by day along with accumulation of wealth. Where is the end for this sort of….? Who is questioning them? None. Because it is related to the religious philosophy and sentiment. And we are Secular. It is unlawful and a taboo to talk against this sentiment! Why to go to other countries…here, in our own country our own people under the shelter of secular shade loot our own people nobody bothers!

Dear Sirs, I presume, both of you stand against these types civilized looting. (Dear Shyam I understand from your profile-interest you give lectures on atheism, aren’t you?) Why can’t it be more harmful than an organized MLM that gives enough to the participants and also to the exchequer?

No one is at Fool’s Paradise if one utilizes one’s opportunity well and I conclude with the repetition of Ayn Rand’s quote: The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.


Unknown said...

dear sir,

many peoples cheated by PRO ON LINE MARKETING PVT LTD.,surat so, please take action agaist this is fraud and cheating 3-4 lacs people of india.

please tell me that how can i check FIR is reg. or not agaist any company? and howmany FIR reg.? and any criminal/cheating/fraud case file against company?

can i check this online and how?

Anonymous said...

Shyam I must say you are doing a great job. How gullible, naive and dumb these people could be? Like the drug addicts they are greed addicts. They see nothing beyond their greed which also makes them deaf and dumb to the voices of reason. The trouble is by the time they accept the truth it's too late.

Zeddy B. said...

Where as a group of people is trying to make people informed about the mlm and its fraudulent activities in another side Some people may be well established on their field(a knowledgeable professional who also has a social responsibility) even dont bother to give points to be trusted!

Please think before any argument...being a bit educated person we know about progressive rate of growth i.e 1,2,4,8, on.which is the basic format of mlm distribution scheme.Now calculate up to 40 step...mathematical way with out taking average or something like that.You will get a figure even more than the no of population on earth.Which confirms its logic not to be feasible or unanimous for all its people so that a democratic govt may give permission.What do you think my dear friend?I wooing to see your argument and its logic.I may be wrong so I must well come positive discussion on it.
Now somebody may tell we can continue on selling the product or being atleast the user...for them I just want to ask will it be unanimous then?Certainly not...Minimum(early joiners) will earn maximum and maximum will be the looser.Now somebody can tell.."survival of the fittest"Then my question is it expected or even feasible in a democratic country where we tell about common rights,social elements and society?Being a informed person can we support stronger to be strongest by making weaker to be weakest?My dear friend if maximum numbers of people(mus,owner of the firm and also the bad elements who want to cheat the mus) are doing any such activities which may badly affect the social and emotional status or state of the society but unknowingly of its whereabouts then responsibility must come on the shoulder of knowledgeable persons to make them well informed.But as because self and some few numbers of persons in comparison to population(so called 20%) are getting(i just dont want to give respect with the word "earning")
they even (I assume) with out scrutinizing the facts & figures putting their valuable comments(as they have social status,social respect, more over people may trust) in support of the 'mathematical impossibility' (because it is a chain scheme. The chain would break sooner than later and all the downline members would be losers.).Please be rational,if you want to promote its products(though it is not a manufacturer)as a distribution house its ok but if you promote chain business then it become illegal as it is a 'MI' as I mention earlier you even dont need to go up to 4 years.Again I maybe wrong thus I must well come good ,healthy arguments by which I may rectify my understandings.