Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Amway, mother of all MLM rackets

Your correspondent, Dahya Patel from Chicago, is perfectly correct the 'Amway' mob have bought political protection in the USA. However, the 'Amway' mob are quite happy to let the blame be heaped on the so-called 'Amway Motivational Organizations,' which they steadfastly pretend to be independent of 'Amway' .
In reality, the 'Amway' mob has always peddled a counterfeit 'Business Opportunity' which (as in the case of the UK) sometimes can actually lose money, but which lures countless victims into a much larger (and far more profitable) advanced fee fraud. The mystifying labyrinth of corporate structures operating this multi-level fraud has been set up in order to prevent and divert investigation, and isolate the 'Amway' mob from liability.
This is the key to understanding how the whole criminogenic 'Amway' organization functions. It's just like the American Mafia.
In the UK, when 'Amway UK Ltd.' (a perpetually insolvent corporate structure) faced a possible criminal investigation, the main individuals who had run the advanced fee fraud in the UK, Jerry Scriven and Pat Gregory (on behalf of Dexter Yager in the USA), were immediately booted out of 'Amway' , and thus, a criminal investigation into 'Amway' itself was forestalled in the UK.
The secondary fraud (i.e. the sale of recordings, publications, tickets to meetings, etc. on the pretext that these materials contain a secret knowledge vital to achieve success) only works, because the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' has been designed to produce financial failure for the overwhelming majority of its participants. One would have to be pretty dim and/or naive to believe that the instigators of the 'Amway' myth and the individuals who run the advanced fee fraud are not acting in collusion.
It is helpful to think of 'Amway' itself as a false beacon luring sailors onto the rocks. When their ships sink, there are gangs waiting to steal the cargo. Obviously, the charlatans who have lit the false 'Amway' beacon are as guilty as the leaders of the gangs of thieves.
Sadly, 'Amway' is not unique, but it is the mother of all 'Multilevel Marketing' rackets
David Brear