Thursday, 9 July 2009

IBOFB's mystifying lies are funnier

Our smug Mr. IBOFB Steadson's latest mystifying lies are based on statistical information which he claims to have come from 'Amway UK'. He now says that at the end of September 2008 there were around 8000 'Amway Business Owners' in the UK and that more than 3000 have joined earlier this year.
(Remember, in order to forestall closure and a criminal investigation, 'Amway UK's' lawyers promised the UK High Court not to refer to their non-salaried agents as 'Independent Business Owners' or 'IBOs' in future, because this is a misleading term).
However, according to 'Amway UK's' own Website (which I'm looking at right now), on the 30th of September 2008, the claimed number of active non-salaried commission agents (which 'Amway UK' also arbitrarily defines as 'Retail Consultants') who had received at least one monthly payment from 'Amway UK' during the period May 2007 to july 2008, was only 2612 (two thousand six hundred and twelve). Their average monthly payment was between £46 and £69 (but this doesn't take into account operating expenses).
Steadson's 'around 8000 ABOs' figure appears to come from 'Amway UK' claims of an overall total of 5991 (five thousand nine hundred and ninety one) 'Retail Consultants'
in September 2008, but, according to 'Amway's' own figures, 3379 (three thousand three hundred and seventy nine) of these agencies were completely inactive (i.e. they received no payments, because they didn't buy or sell anything).
It is unclear whether 2302 (two thousand three hundred and two) active 'Amway' agencies now arbitrarily defined as 'Certified Retail Consultants' and 'Business Consultants' who received at least one payment during the same period (May 2007 July 2008), were included in the overall total figures.
Like everything to do with the external presentation of the 'Amway' fraud, this statistical information is designed to be as incomprehensible as possible, in order to shut down the critical faculties of all casual observers. Obviously, 'Amway' apologists steadfastly pretend that it is perfectly clear and that anyone who can't understand it must be financially illiterate.
However, by extrapolation, if Steadson's further proud boast of '3000 new recruits in the UK' is correct (but there is no way of verifying it), then the average recruitment score this year has been less than two 'Amway' converts per active agency, but, typically, these mystifying figures don't make it clear if the new converts are active or inactive.
Steadson's hero, Trevor Lowe, is currently the only 'Amway Diamond' in the UK. Apparently, it took him more than 20 years to achieve this lofty level of initiation and we have no idea how much it cost him to get there.
Since more than one million annual contracts have been signed with 'Amway UK' during the past 35 years, this makes Mr. Lowe a very rare creature indeed.
Other 'Admired and Respected Diamond' initiates in the UK used to include Jerry Scriven and Patrick Gregory. However, they were thrown out of the 'Amway' gang (so much for being 'Independent Business Owners'), again to forestall closure and a criminal enquiry. The corporate officers of 'Amway UK' and the 'UK Direct Selling Association' committed perjury when they claimed in written depositions to the UK High Court to have been completely unaware of the advanced fee fraud that Scriven and Gregory had been running in the UK on behalf of Dexter Yager in the USA.
It is a matter of public record that Scriven and Gregory illegally removed several hundreds millions of dollars from several hundreds thousands UK and irish citizens over a 33 year period. To date, no criminal enquiry has been launched in the UK and not one of the 'Amway' thieves has been held to account. That said, not one of them has come forward to challenge the authenticity of my detailed accusations.

And this is what Steadson finds funny?

David Brear


IBOFB said...

Ahh, Mr Brear, it's so nice of you to so quickly confirm what I've been saying about your dishonesty. Ever heard of the phrase "compare apples with apples"?

In your earlier rant you referred to 33,000 ABOs in 2006-2007 and compared this to "less than 5000" last October.

Yet the 2006-2007 figures was for everybody registered, and as you admit in your post here (so it's not just an honest mistake), the 5000 is just those earning a payment of some type.

Wouldn't an honest comparison be all ABOs in 2006-2007 vs all ABOs in October 2008?

Why did you feel the need to compare the total of all ABOs in 2006-2007 to merely a subset of ABOs in 2008?

Clearly even an honest comparison shows the numbers are down substantially, as one would reasonably expect in the circumstances, nevertheless you still felt the need to deceive in order to boost your tale.

quod erat demonstrandum

Joecool said...

IBOFB is a liar. There are many specific examples of such, as there are many examples of him twisting and distorting facts.

One thing he likes to do is discredit people's experience because they have been out of Amway for a number of years.

Well, IBOFB for one thing lied about living in Austalia, as we found he was in Sweden. Then he also tried to pretend that he was an active business builder, which he was not. He has been a mostly nothing IBO for over ten years, and furthermore, he is not from the UK. By what authorty is he making all of these assrtions?

IBOFB said...

Brear, your math is poor. 20 years for the Lowes? The Lowes joined in April 1979 and qualified Diamond in 1984.

Of course, there was probably no math involved, you just made it up.

Levi said...

Joe you twist the truth, and when you do use the truth you only use what still makes you look ahead.

Levi said...

JOe you ever considered politics cause you certainly lie like one and definately know how to mislead people.

Joecool said...

Levi, you can you tell me what I was lying about?