Thursday, 9 July 2009

Same blame game by Amway apologists

Amway India indulges in the same blame game whenever a distributor fails to do business. He did not work hard that it is why he had failed in his mission. The truth is the scheme itself inherently deceitful. Amway India distributors all the time tell their new members about motivation and soon they are going to become rich soon.
Nirmala, the school teacher, stated in her letter that though both are working they hardly had five thousand rupees in their bank account and her husband was still in the illusion that they are going to become millionaires soon. And he keeps on bringing pressure on her to sell products to their kith and kin.
The housewife who tried to join the auto rickshaw driver told him that she has been earning thousands of rupees every month. She was killed in her own flat by the same man for money. But he did not find any money in her home not even jewellery and that was what he told the police during interrogation. Another housewife told me that she was earning Rs. 68,000 every month. But she rides a battered scooter and lives in a tin-roofed rented house. People who earn Rs. 20,000 a month lead a decent life in India.
Lambada ladies were lured to become members with the promise of becoming rich by some Amway distributors. It is not their poor choice. But the distributor has wrongly chosen them to become distributors. His aim is to enroll more members and earn commission.
These are all facts which could not be skipped or taken lightly. People who lost money in such transactions would never trust the persons who introduced them to such schemes. That is why such schemes are damaging the social fabric of our society. Is there any need to interview each and every distributor in the country to come to such conclusion. Not at all.
Anyway, IBOFB agreed that all is not well with Amway UK and it is better they close shop before cheating many more people. So is the case with Amway India.
Throw these crooks out of the country. I hope more and more people visit this blog and learn about the crooked arguments of IBOFBs and their ilk. Indians are very clever people and they can judge who has mal-intentions and who is trying to defend their hard-earned money.


IBOFB said...

This line in that post really stood out for me ....

But the distributor has wrongly chosen them to become distributors

This seems quite bizarre. For me to join Amway I had to sign a contract with Amway. It is the same in India. Somebody showed me the business, I evaluated it, I joined, and I choose to remain a member.

Are you seriously suggesting here that people do not choose to join Amway, someone else chooses for them? I think far better of the ladies of Lambada. I believe they have their own brains and can make their own decisions.

You have such a poor view of people Shyam

Joecool said...

Con men get people to do things that are not in their best interest.