Monday, 27 July 2009

Herbalife, one of the greediest children of Amway


'Amway' is the mother of all 'Multilevel Marketing' scams, and 'Herbalife' is one of her greediest older children.
When 'Herbalife' again began to be widely-exposed in the USA as a camouflaged pyramid fraud, hiding an effectively 100% rolling failure-rate, the classic reaction of its criminal instigators was to attempt to divert public attention . This was achieved by striking a sponsorship deal with Los Angeles Galaxy - the US professional soccer club that now employs the pretty-boy, fading England footballer and media star, David Beckham.
Since 2007, the counterfeit 'Business Opportunity' brand, 'Herbalife,' has featured on countless press photographs of David Beckham slapped over the front of his football shirt. Interestingly, when David Beckham and his equally famous wife, Victoria, moved to LA, they were also courted by 'Scientology's' own pretty-boy Hollywood celebrities, including Tom Cruise.
Predictably, 'Amway' adopted the same devious tactics in India, employing the fabulously beautiful Bollywood actress, Diya Mirza, to divert the Indian public's attention away from the ugly reality lurking behind 'Amway'.
Sadly, neither David Beckham nor Diya Mirza have reputations as deep thinkers. In their dealings with 'Herbalife' and 'Amway', they cannot have had the slightest idea where the cash would come from to pay for their services. That said, what on earth were David Beckham and Diya Mirza's lawyers and agents thinking about when they sold their client's images to these 'MLM' thieves?
David Brear

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