Wednesday, 15 July 2009

In Amway only the top makes money, victim from USA says

Hi Shyam,
I came across your blog while I was reading MLM blog about Amway scam. I really appreciate your efforts and stand for the victims of this not only in India but a world wide scam. I had been a former Quixtar/Amway distributor for 6-7 years and finally quit. The main culprits are the so called systems and training programs they sell to the Distributors in the form of cds, tapes, meeting and all different kind of motivational materials.
I can tell you frankly that it is very easy for any smart or any one looking for opportunity to fall for this crap. They present it in a way that people for it. once you are in you are constantly brainwashed against outside world through meeting, training, cds and all kind of associations.
Majority of people here in the USA are sick and tired of this but again as usual they roll money for political parties and charities to show thier better side. As I mentioned the main culprits are the motivational organizations who profit from selling the motivational material at high cost to their teams, and only a few at the top keeps all the money from poor distributors who in the hope of getting rich ends up in rags. If you can reveal these supporting systems like BWW India, ILTS, Winners Internationals and so on…
Again, I thank and always be praying that your efforts will help others open their eyes and join you to root out this scam from our beloved country.
Dahya Patel


Mudslinger said...

hmm... I dont know about you.

dtytrivedi said...

the way you represent that only top of can make the money I can also show same stuff in the other way that those who have worked hard have been earning more, or in network marketing terms, the extent of the income is determined by two factors
1. width of your immediate down lines will determine your income width
2. Consistency of the income will be determined by depth of the immediate downlines

needless to say that sale of product or service should be there
This is more applicable to legally mlm companies (member of world federation of direct selling association) and they are not using binary plan in their compensation plan

I would suggest you to take a look at of many successful people in Amway, where you will clearly see that they are making a lot more than their uplines