Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Shameless Amway apologists make tall claims

It is really funny to read that Amway distributors make money if they do not buy any product or enroll new members. IBOFB is trying to tell that money is actually raining for Amway distributors. But the simple question, why people are losing their money after becoming members of Amway, remains unanswered. Don't say that they are not working hard to earn money. Working hard here means to hunt for more people to become Amway distributors. That is what Raja Naren did for five years. That is why his name was mentioned in the Andhra Pradesh High Court judgment. What hard work one has to do to earn money if they do not need to enroll members and need not purchase products. This is height of stupidity.
I asked many times a simple question. What is the ex-factory price of these products and how much tax is being paid by the Amway India. For instance, the ex-factory price of Glister toothpaste is Rs. 16 but the selling price of it is Rs. 120. The Amway India pays tax to the government on the ex-factory price only. Nobody else pays any tax to the government. They just share the booty.
And the IBOFB says that "paying a few bucks a year you get a 30% discount". Amway is not paying 30% per cent discount on the ex-factory price of the product. Now IBOFB should answer what is cheaper price.
Funnily, he compares buying Volvo to purchasing Amway products. LOL.
Generally, people won't make any money for doing nothing. But in the case of Amway, the downline members do the work and the Amway and its emerald, diamond and other members line their pockets. That is what is called easy and quick money.
Again, the Amway was penalised for the "award winning world leading products" in India because they are adulterated. LOL.
In spite of all this, IBOFB wants us to believe that Amway is a 'legitimate business'. It is not business at all. It is only swindling.

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IBOFB said...

It is really funny to read that Amway distributors make money if they do not buy any product or enroll new members.

Why do you feel the need to lie Shyam? Or is it that you cannot read? What I said what Amway distributors can make money if they do not buy any products for their own use. Clearly if you are going to sell products first you need to buy them! Here's how it works.

I buy say, some APSA-80. I take it to, oh, how about the ICC to use on fields to help reduce dew for the Champions Trophy.

They pay me more for it than I paid Amway for it.

Voila! I've made money.

Why is that so difficult for you to understand?

Perhaps it's because you just don't understand business at all?

You are for example apparently quite shocked that Amway manufactures products for less than the cost they are sold to end users! Both Amway and various middlemen (which in this case includes Amway business owners) also earn a profit!

Astounding! Amway does just like every other company!

Are you really that naive Shyam? Do you think every product you buy in the store should be sold at ex-factory price?

I asked once before and you, as usual, neglected to answer, but I'll try again -

Are you a communist Shyam?