Friday, 10 July 2009

Several Amway adherents are also scientologists and vice versa

I have recently received a call from a former core-'Scientologist' with whom I have previously coresponded. This person has a particular interest in 'Amway,' because a while back he lost money in a vast Ponzi scheme run by a 'Scientology Minister' in the USA. He also knew of several 'Scientologists' who got involved with 'Amway', and several 'Amway' adherents who became 'Scientologists'. The comments of my caller regarding the 'Baiting' tactics of David Steadson and his robotic lack of human feeling and respect for traditional morality, are most-revealing. Indeed, my caller finds it very difficult to believe that Steadson has not been involved with 'Scientology' himself.
The so-called 'Technology' taught to 'Scientologists' to be used on 'Supressive persons' (i.e.critics) is part of what the author of the 'Scientology' myth, L. Ron Hubbard, called 'Fair Game'. In essence, anyone challenging the authenticity of 'Scientology' can be lied to, cheated or destroyed by any 'Scientologist' , on the specious grounds that, in the end, it is 'Scientology' that represents a higher moral purpose. Even when core-'Scientologists' are committing fraud, a comic-book scenario (written by Hubbard) is used as the false justification for their crime. They really believe that only they are trying to save planet Earth from destruction, and that the 'Scientology' organization needs all the money it can gather to pursue this righteous cause.
However, 'Scientologists' are also programmed to deny that they hold any such beliefs.
Interestingly, despite the fact that it is a matter of public record that 'Amway' has always been secretly controlled by a perversion of the Judaeo-Christian/Freemasonic myths (known as the 'Prosperity Gospel'), apologists of the organization deny absolutely that this is so. However, former American core-'Amway' adherents whom I have interviewed, have testified that they once actually believed that the founders of 'Amway' became billionaires because God instructed them how to do this. They also believed that lying to people to get them to join 'Amway' was not a wrong, because, in the end, it was for their benefit.
Interestingly, the Steadson robot is constantly trying to convince the world that 'Amway has no connection with cultism' and that he is a 'secular humanist.'
David Brear


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John said...

This guy dont even debate his lies whats up with that?

IBOFB said...

Unfortunately this appears to be an almost normal modus operandi for many Amway critics. You'll also notice they tend to ignore all questions put to them.

They have no interest in rational dialogue, just in blindly continuing with the exposure of their "one real TRUTH!" - no matter what reality actually indicates.

Folk like Shyam and Brear would have us believe that THEY know THE TRUTH and hundreds, indeed thousands of governments and corporations around the world (not to mention millions of IBOs) have all been miraculously duped for decades!

It's a conspiracy to outdo the Illuminati!

And they call us brainwashed cultists. :/

If it wasn't so sad (and damaging) it would be funny.

Joecool said...

That's funny. Seems to me that the Amway apologists are the ones who purge or remove or do not even allow critical comments on their blogs.

I have yet to see a critic's blog that did not allow opposing comments.

John said...

shoo kid you are pestering the grown-ups