Thursday, 9 July 2009

Liar calling every one dishonest that is IBOFB style

Amway India trains its distributors to lie without blinking to join new members. All the Amway distributros in India claim that they have been making several thousands of rupees every month though they make only less than four thousand rupees. That was exactly the reason, when an Auto rickshaw driver killed an Amway distributor in Vijayawada after she claimed she was earning sixty thousand of rupees every month as commission. He thought she must be having lot of money at her home. But he could not find any money in the house.
It seems AmwayUK also tries the same thing with its distributors there. Otherwise, there is no explanation to the IBOFB's outbursts that every one is dishonest at the same time dishonestly half quoting the High Court judgement. The IBOFB conveniently skips the first part of the sentence. The Justice clearly stated that "Once a person becomes a distributor in a scheme of this nature where the sops in the shape of commission are so luring, it would be impossile for a member to withdraw from the membership to avoid annual subscription fee." This is the exact sentence. The IBOFB rather cunningly skips the first part. He tries to hide behind renewal statistics. Of course, people withdrew from the membership after losing substantial amount in the racket. Let us see how.
The glaring example for this is the story of Lambada tribes women of Ibrahimpatnam near Vijayawada who were lured into the scheme of getting rich quick. They continuously purchased products for several months spending several thousands of rupees. After realising that they were duped by some Amway distributors, they wept in vain. Their laments were telecast by CNN IBN channel all over India. Being very poor, they could not approach rich people to get them enrolled or they could not sell these costly products to others. Who would purchase a Glister toothpaste from these labourers for Rs. 120. That is how they lost their hard-earned money.
Now regarding the Consumer Forum case in Vijayawada, this IBOFB came out with another lie. Actually he responded to the Consumer case against Amway only on July 07, 2009 and claimed that he had already responded. Now who is dishonest?
Let us move on to the next point later.

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IBOFB said...

So let me see ... you do a post on July 8 claiming I haven't responded to the Vijayawada case. I point out, on July 8, that's incorrect, as I had responded to it, and on July 9 you do a post claiming that means I lied on July 8 when I said I'd commented on it, because my post was on July 7!

Clearly you use a different calendar to most people, as on my July 7 occurs before July 8.

Now this is an astounding claim -

All the Amway distributros in India claim that they have been making several thousands of rupees every month though they make only less than four thousand rupees.

You're claiming every single one of the tens of thousands of Amway distributors in India lies about their income? Every single one?

Have you got ANY evidence at all to back that extraordinary claim up?

I'm assuming you must have a survey where you miraculously managed to contact every Amway distributor in the country, and got 100% response rate!

I think the very fact you make such silly claims says it all about how seriously people should take this blog!

Re the ladies of Lambada - if they could not sell the products, they should return them for a FULL refund. Why would they continue to purchase products - for several months - without having sold or used the earlier ones? That is clearly very poor business judgement. Why would the purchase and try to sell glister if they lived in a poor area? Again, clearly poor business judgement.

Amway India has a range of lower priced products, but if they are too expensive also for certain people, then why would you try to sell them to people who can't afford them?

There's a billion people in India, and I believe it has more $ millionaire than any other country. If these ladies were trying to sell these products to people who can't afford them, then quite frankly it's their own silly fault.

The great thing about Amway is that even then they could give it a try, and get a full refund if it didn't work!

SO what was there choice ... ask Amway for a full refund ... or cry on television? One must ask why they chose the latter rather than simply get their money back.