Saturday, 11 July 2009

Get out of my country crooks

Amway India employs various crooked ways to promote its illegal business activities. In 1990s, it organised charity meetings inviting celebrities and donating liberally to various organisations. That way it attracted the attention of many people and media. Later, it introduced its scheme of duping people.
After a hit in the gut in the shape of Andhra Pradesh High Court judgement, Amway India is now trying to recoup its lost business by hook or crook.
It tried its hand by joining hands with a popular media group in Andhra Pradesh to organise painting competitions for children. The Corporate Frauds Watch took exception to the promos and lodged its protest with the management of the media group. Somehow sanity prevailed over the group and they discarded the competitions in the midway.
In its latest overtures, the Amway India tried its hand with the top police officials in Andhra Pradesh to organise anti-terrorism campaign in the State. The police officers shooed away the Amway India. A friend of mine who observed the Amway India offices at various places in the State told me that there used to be a long line of cars and others vehicles near the Amway distribution points. But, of late, there is hardly any activity seen. In essence, the Amway India business suffered a set back in Andhra Pradesh. Now nobody believes either the get quick rich scheme of Amway or the 'world quality products' it sells.
Probably, soon it is going to close shop in Andhra Pradesh unable to pay rent to the godowns.
Get out of my country you crooks.

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