Friday, 20 August 2010

After 3 years, you too can be insolvent

Yet more unsolicited 'Amway' bullshit has arrived as a comment on your blog.
No one seriously disputes that at the level of 'Amway' initiation arbitrarily defined as 'Gold Producer,' it is impossible to have received an annual net-profit. None the less, your new, resident, self-proclaimed 'investing expert,' Mr. Craig, proudly boasts of having taken 3 years to arrive at this level of certain insolvency.
Typically, the parental-sounding Mr. Craig, doesn't actually claim to have made a net-profit from the operation of his financially-suicidal, so-called 'Amway Business,' but he remains totally-convinced that one day (if his will remains strong) he will do so. Unfortunately, 50+ years of quantifiable evidence proves that the longer anyone has persisted as an unquestioning 'MLM' adherent: the more money they have lost.
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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Anonymous said...

INR 80,000 a month, and INR 9.6 lakhs in a year. Is that insolvent ? I've been in that level for around 5months, so aprrox. Rs.4 lakhs INR. I broke past the break even point 2 years ago. But seriously, I'm not that devoted to run around 24 hrs to do this business, so it took me a longer time. I'm busy with other things, and of course my family. That's it, no matter whatever you write, I won't argue back because you probably will not know what is the true meaning of the business in this life. Everything's clear, farewell.