Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Even 'Amway Diamonds' are 'useful idiots'

Joecool has recently posted a piece about 'Behind the Smoke and Mirrors'. A courageous little book, published in the late 1990s, which was written by a former, insolvent low-level 'Amway' initiate who also kept the accounts of a couple of secretly-insolvent, 'Millionaire Amway Diamonds'. To avoid malicious lawsuits, the author wrote under an assumed name,'Ruth Carter,' and she did not openly-disclose the insolvent 'Diamonds' true identities.
At the time 'Behind the Smoke and Mirrors' was published, I contacted 'Ruth Carter' via a cult adviser and I went to meet her in the USA. She had access to all the quantifiable evidence proving that virtually no 'Amway' products or services were sold to non-'Amway' adherents. She, and everyone she met in 'Amway', had been taught that 'Selling was for Losers: Winners Exactly Duplicated a Proven Plan to Achieve Diamond and Total Financial Freedom in 2-5 years.' The 'Plan' comprised paying 'Amway' a fixed sum of cash each month (arbitrarily defined as 'puchases') in exchange for over-priced wampum, and recruiting everyone you knew to 'duplicate exactly the same plan.'
The insolvent 'Diamonds' (for whom Ruth Carter worked) had a $3 millions net-income, of which an insignificant percentage derived from so-called 'bonuses' paid on their own monthly payments to 'Amway' and on the payments of their recruits, and on the payments of their recruits' recruits, etc. Almost the entirety of the insolvent 'Diamonds' net-income secretly derived illegally from their share of peddling over-priced publications, recordings, tickets to meetings, etc., on the pretext that these exclusive materials contained the vital secrets of achieving success in 'Amway.'
However, these insolvent 'Diamonds' were schills, 'useful idiots' who had been given the illusion that they were making free-choices, but who actually made no decisions for themelves. They had been programmed to obey their own leaders without question. In this way, these dupes were obliged to live way above their means in order to peddle the Utopian myth that the'Amway Business Opportunity can bring Total Financial Freedom to Anyone.' Consequently, they steadfastly pretended that the 'Amway Business Plan' had brought them safely to the land of eternal happiness and prosperity whilst, in the adult world of quantifiable reality, they bailed like crazy just to stay afloat in a sea of mounting-debts.
David Brear (copyright 2010)


Unknown said...

"Useful Idiots" is a nice term to define amway diamonds.

I have recently came across a distributor who tried to sell me one of their products. Yes, I purchased it, pack of Nutrilite protein powder. But later i found that it was almost 4x times priced higher than the comparable competitors product. To confirm the genuineness of the claims made by distributor about the quality of products marketed by amway, I consulted a doctor. He said they are not only making exaggerated claims about the particular product, they are also misleading the users. He says no company would like to stay behind their competitors in terms of quality of the stuff they produce. He suggested me to switch to any alternative brands which suit my purse will still give the same results as that of the amway promoted one.

Some of them claim that 'Only' amway has certain product range and nobody else has been able to come out with them so far. when a simple google search was done, i found atleast 4-5 different brands. when this was pointed out, the reply was simply amazing, 'they are not genuine products and is not effective?' when I insisted that their claim was that there exists no second brand, they had no answer and accuse me of being misinformed.

many such examples can be presented here to prove that all is not well with the way amway deals across the globe.

siddharth said...

See Mr.Ravi its not the point that Amway products are priced higher, it has it own genuine reasons where your mind will blow off.... as i believe they are unique in the world. And as you have said Amway diamonds are Useful idiots....YES!! they are useful idiots who are changing the world from conventional world. remember my words...THE AMWAY PEOPLE WILL BE ONLY THE REASONS FOR SAVING THE WORLD FROM GLOBAL WARMING!!! the reason how they will save is ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS. so try to be an idiot. true soul idiot which you can help the world.

Unknown said...
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saagarica said...

The language used speaks of a man...here the author and other xxxx.der own language not mine.
1999 patents...ofcourse patent means tremendous amount of work...(in ur terms to bully patent officers at Us patent office) ...even by bullies standard dats quite a work..

Merc sells so does a maruti...diff standards...
A doc with his poor knowlegde can only misguide you...

saagarica said...

Mechanic who fixes a maruti can nvr b allowed to touch a merc...y ? U r aware y?

Doc are trained on diagnosis not on manufacturing medicines.
any foolish doctor will agree on dat

Its my fault not to choose the right person for evaluating supplements which u call "medicine"...food n medicine probably d same..

Its like asking a cobbler can u diagnose instead of can u fix my shoe
ke generics and underpatent drug...

Shyam Sundar said...

Have you read the AP High Court judgement which held that Amway's business model illegal. Just read it and enjoy instead of talking blabbering here. It was proved beyond reasonable doubt that it was racket.

Mahesh said...

I completely agree with Mr.Siddharth yes because its better to compare the % of protein is the there in the other brands in the market we are paying money to protein not to any other if you do so then u will know the cost comparison and also its better to know about the PDCAAS percentage (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) then its better to tell about Amway.