Saturday, 28 August 2010

Amway India or Apple FMCG they are all same family of racketeers

The familiar, reality-inverting, bullshit defence put forward by amoral Indian attorneys acting for the 'MLM' racketeers behind the corporate structure known as 'Apple FMCG,' beggars belief. Just like the amoral Indian attorneys acting for 'Amway India Enterprises,' they have tried to portray their criminal employers as innocent victims - law-abiding businessmen/women under attack.
Just to recap Shyam, these unoriginal shysters have claimed that:
- 'Apple FMCG' must be legitimate, because no participant in its 'MLM' scheme has (so far) complained
- 'Apple FMCG' markets everyday consumer goods (branded'Joy Eternal' ) using 'Networks of Distributors,' some of whom were unemployed men who have earned good incomes from 'MLM', because they were talented and because they put in a lot of effort
- 'Apple FMCG Distributors' can earn commission by selling products to the public and by recruiting more 'Distributors,' but 'Apple FMCG' cannot be an endless chain pyramid scam or money circulation scheme, because these commissions are actually calculated on the value of goods sold by 'Distributors'and their recruits, and on the value of goods sold by the recruits of their recruits, etc. ad infinitum
- The Indian police have no right to investigate the activities of 'Apple FMCG' as being possibly in breach of Indian criminal legislation designed to protect the Indian public from economically-unviable money circulation schemes, because the owners of wealthy US-based 'MLM' companies have been permitted to register companies all over the world including in India
Yet, 50+ years of evidence proves that:
- the cruel techniques developed by 'MLM' racketeers have been maliciously designed to blame their victims and load them with guilt, in order to prevent them from complaining.
- no matter how much effort they put in, no non-salaried 'MLM'commission agent could have earned a living out of selling products (for a profit) supplied by their 'MLM' company, to persons who were not non-salaried commission agents of their company, because the controlled high-price and banal quality of 'MLM' products has always rendered this diversionary wampum effectively unsaleable on the open-market
- in reality, the only conceivable avenue that has been left open to non-salaried 'MLM' commission agents to try to make a profit, has been to hand over a regular, inflated cash payment (arbitrarily defined as 'sales') to their 'MLM' company (in exchange for a quantity of diversionary wampum), and endeavour to infect more, contageous 'MLM' victims by persuading them that the exact duplication of this proven plan of self-consumption and recruiment, combined with 100% belief in its authenticity, can lead anyone to Total Financial Freedom
- the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have bought political protection in the USA, paving the way for countless copy-cat 'MLM' racketeers in America and all around the world
Given this evidence, it is no wonder that the ginning gangs of identical 'MLM' racketeers behind 'Amway India Enterprises'and 'Apple FMCG' have sought to obstruct an intellectually-rigorous investigation into what actually lurks behind their identical fake 'Direct Selling' companies.
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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