Friday, 20 August 2010

MLM means fleecing your own relatives, friends

One Asutosh writes:
All Multi Layer Marketing (MLM) companies are the same. Their products are exhorbitantly costly. If you complain they say "if you want a superior product you have to pay for it". There is nothing "superior" about their products. The quality is same as other similar products that you get in the market. The commission of all the "down line distributors" are added on to the price and that makes them expensive. The sad part is that they make you sell all these expensive products to your friends and relatives. Many a time you end up spoiling relations with them. A normal person doesn't like to be fleeced and a person with strong moral values does not sell exorbitant profit margin goods to his friends and relatives. Just because the MLM guys say the product is superior and justify the high selling price you also get carried away by the Sales Pitch. Have you seen any INDEPENDENT STUDY by any GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION attesting to their superior perfomance? When you go to the market to buy a Coconut worth Rs 10 (20 US Cents) you shake it, knock on it and see it throughly before you part with your money. Then why do you accept what these MLM sales people say at their face?
These MLMs make you attend meetings where a number of "high selling sales people" are felicitated on stage for "selling" the highest amount of products and their incentive cheques are hand over to a large applause from the assembled people. This causes a inferiority complex in you. You start thinking "they are doing it & i am not". You start feeling inferior. You start measuring yourself in relation to all other MLM sales people. Normal life goes for a toss. You are so engrossed in your MLM work that any thing else doesn't matter. You are literally brain-washed. Most MLM sales people i met were "queer". Their presence makes you uncomfortable. If you have no qualm in fleecing your friends and relative of their hard earned money then this is your vocation. Butif you have some moral and sanity left in you, then keep out.

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Shyam Sundar said...

You are right Asutosh. This is my primary worry. The closely knitted social fabric of our country is getting damaged due to these multilevel marketing,referral marketing, network marketing or whatever you call it. It is high time, criminal cases are filed extensively against such companies to discourage these 'daylight robbers'.