Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Another victim of India Today Book Club comes out

Here is another victim of India Today Book Club

ITBC | Fraudsters and Cheats | Proposal for a Class Action Suit

I am Sujata Garimella.
Like you, I too trusted the India Today name and had ordered stuff from ITBC. My experience was awful. I did not get what I ordered for. I did not get the promised "extras". And I did not get any solution either.
This whole nightmare started in September 2009 for me.
To top it all they still keep calling me.
I plan to sue them for Rs. 10 lakhs. I have started an action against them and would like more victims of ITBC's dirty tricks to join in because there is a lot of strength in numbers.
Please click the link below and join in.
Like you and me there are lakhs of other victims of ITBC's malpractices. There is a link in the web page above that will take you to a list of the sites on which people have complained. I request you to take the time and send at least 50 of them this mail and ask them to send it forward.
That way we can reach the maximum number of people in the shortest period of time and quickly initiate legal proceedings.
I hope we have 10,000 people and then, if not getting the money we can at least ensure that the company closes down.
Looking forward to take up arms together with you.

Let us hope more and more people would come out and file criminal cases against such con companies.

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