Monday, 30 August 2010

'MLM' bullshit hides a financial holocaust

Yet again, senior Indian Judges have not only applied the law, but also common sense. When faced with aggressive writs maliciously designed by unconvincing racketeers to obstruct justice in order that they can continue to commit crime, senior Indian Judges continue to rule that what the more-convincing, legal representatives of so-called 'MLM' companies all claim their employers to have been doing, carries no weight in a court of law.
Sadly, the law is generally restricted to examining individual cases. However, when the wider-picture is examined, more than half a century of evidence (including tens of millions of ill-informed individuals around the world who have collectively wasted billions of hours and dollars, but who have mostly remained guilt-ridden and silent) proves beyond all reasonable doubt that 'Mutilevel Marketing' has been the made-up technical-sounding shield for a pernicious blame-the-victim fraud based on propagating unquestioning belief in an emotionally and intellectually overwhelming, cultic pseudo-science. Typically, obedient adherents of 'MLM' groups have all been granted ego-inflating names, and/or ranks, and/or titles, whilst non-initiates have been referred to using derogatory, dehumanizing terms. Although 'MLM' initiation has at first appeared to be reasonable and benefits achievable, this self-perpetuating bullshit has gradually become evermore costly and mystifying. Ultimately, it has been completely incomprehensible and its claimed benefits have never been quantifiable.
David Brear (copyright 2010)


priya neethi said...

then.. F u..k ur self... neeku chetha kaka pothey muskoo ra kuyya...

Shyam Sundar said...

It is not clear whether Priya Neethi is he or she or it. No Indian woman talks like this. So it must be it.
munda mohama! nenu chestunnadi naaku chetanainade. Neeku enduke anta uluku. chatta viruddhamaina panulu chestu, veletti chupite anta ulikki padataventi. donga panulu manesi neetibaddhamgaa batuku. perulo kaadu neethi undavalasindi. chetallo.