Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Amway apologists cry over loss of jobs

Following are some of the comments recently Corporate Frauds Watch received. One look at them reveals how hollow are they. These are all sent by 'wisemen'.

1. U Should be the first CHEAT. ur work has damaged many employees families.. crores of tax loss to govt. thousands of jobless.. u r taking their feed away.. ur saying fraud watch.. can u dare to watch political fraud.have u some family.. what they do.. are they also some blackmailers? atleast keep them good.Think at ur heart. CAN U CREATE 1 JOB IN UR LIFETIME? DONT CRY ON OTHERS?
2. u r an advocate.. for what what is the use.. my friends are out of job from amway..just for this trash.. when many countries on their way with amway..getting more taxes.. when the public are accepting that,,what is with u.can u give one job atleast.. have u clearly paid ur taxes..just posting some thing is not service.. do atleast some work.. do not blackmail and live.. ur food smells that sorrows..think at ur HEART.WHY CANT U WATCH POLITICAL FRAUD.. NO SUCH DARE..HA HA HA.. OFCOURSE U R A PART OF THAT ..BLACKMAILER.
3. When the people are ready to buy a product at high price..they may like the quality.. ur shoes may cost 50 on platform..but when in showroom they may be sold at 500 also. people who will to purchase do that.. is this considered cheating? who are u to question.. are u providing a job to any unemployed.. ur the first cheater against the public. U big Blackmailer.. think at ur heart.

Let us look at them one after another. The messages say that my work has damaged many employees families. Is it true? Is there really employment in Amway. And wisemen say that crores of tax loss to the Government. The facts are otherwise. On one hand, the Amway apologists claim that their business is growing leaps and bounds and on other hand these 'wisemen' say that Amway is crashing. Which one is truth?
The funny point is that these wisemen are asking me to concentrate on political fraud. In essence they are agreeing that this is a business fraud. It is like kettle calling pot black.
These 'wisemen' never understand that Amway is actually causing loss to the exchequer and it is also damaging the social fabric of our society. People who lost money in this scam would never trust you again in their life time. This is all the more dangerous.
You are losing nothing but freedom from the crooks. Come out open and say how much you actually lost in this scam.

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