Friday, 2 September 2011

NMart apologists are overzealous to defend the fraudulent company

Here is a reader, Mr Sachin Jain who expressed genuine concern over public money and put forward real calculations of the money invested by the public in this scheme.

The associates of NMart are only fooling the common man telling Rs 220 per month means 4% return every month if they directly invested. But here the distributor network commission as binary rule four to five time means Rs 2500 approximately + Spill Rs 200 + Jupiter Royalty Rs 100 + Awards and Rewards Reserve Rs 400 + other charges & Fixed Expense Rs 300 + Retail Product Sales Tax Or Other Levis Rs 500. This means total Expanses or Distribution commission is Rs 4000 and balance only Rs 1500. This amount is reserved for IBA Credit Facility. This means after all this the investment amount = 0.00. How does anybody get every month Rs 220? This return is so high and any company or party who gives you a return of more than monthly 1.5 % maximum or yearly 18 % then this company or party is 100% fraud and also refund of Rs. 11,000 after 48 month means big cheating.
I am sure after 48 months, the company would vanish or may change its policy. Anyway our investment would not be refunded.
Gopal Shekhavat claims to have started the business with Rs1800 crore in Surat, whereas looking in the Ministry of Corporate Aaffairs it shows that the company was started with Rs 100, 000 (Rs One Lakh) investment only and he is playing with common people's money. issuing gift coupons for 12 months and an agreement to pay a bonus amount of Rs.11, 000 after 48 months. Who knows and what is the guarantee the company will exist for the period or won't fly away overnight. If the company has any assurance to the common MAN OF INDIA, let it give proper reply with evidence.
My above calculation is 100 % sure and not any new evidence is required for this type of company.
If Company Group Size is really Rs 1800 Crore and he invested his own money, then really this company is No 1 in the corporate sector. Why this company needs public money ? 
Posted by Sachin Jain to Corporate Frauds Watch at Friday, September 02, 2011 12:54:00 AM

It is really surprising that the post against NMart published in this blog on August 28, 2010, attracted the highest number of comments so far totaling 108 comments.
We could understand how anxious are some of these MLM zealots to defend this fraudulent company. Such type of crooks pose a threat to the social fabric of our society. They do not mind to cheat their own friends and relatives in furtherance of their own ends.
It is high time, the CID Police took cognizance of this crime and launched a massive investigation into this scandal.


GuyReviews said...

This nMart sounds remarkably similar to a Colombian pyramid scheme called DMG Group.

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