Sunday, 1 August 2010

IBOFB yet to come out with quantifiable evidence to back up MLM crap

One would have thought that the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob would have realized a long time ago that each time Lord Haw Haw Steadson squawks on their behalf, he is merely pushing them nearer to a prison cell, but no.
Just I have previously stated, David Steadson, like his cackling 'Nazi predecessor, William Joyce, has to remain as inflexible as ever in his defence of totalitarian racketeers, but predictably he will never offer any quantifiable evidence to back up his 'MLM' bullshit. Apparently, out of tens of millions of aspiring, but insolvent, 'MLM' millionaires who have been churned through 'Amway' down the years, there have been a tiny percentage who still claim to have shown an annual profit. However, I have yet to see any real proof (in the form of audited accounts) that this is true, or that an annual 'Amway' profit represented an overall profit. What I have seen, are countless individuals who have been gradually programmed to stop thinking critically and to focus only on their 'Positive Dreams' of 'MLM' success to the detriment of themselves and of their friends and families. In this way, a significant minority of 'Amway' adherents have been deceived into wasting decades of their lives, and tens of thousands of dollars, pursuing a latter-day myth of Utopia, no what suffering this entailed.
Lord Haw Haw Steadson might feign laughter, like his cackling 'Nazi' predecessor, but he knows full-well that all persons who have been presented in 'Amway's' kitsch propaganda as shining examples of 'MLM' success to be copied, were either insolvent dupes or greedy schills whose wealth secretly derived from an advance fee fraud (a.k.a. 'tool' scam).
David Brear (copyright 2010)


謝翁穎翰毓珍 said...
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IBOFB said...

Nobody has shown the great David Brear there audited accounts, so therefore they don't exist?


Wow, how arrogant are you! You won't even tell people what it is you do for a living, yet here you are passing judgment on millions of people because they won't provide you with audited accounts.

You have undoubtedly seen court evidence proving your wrong, but conveniently ignore that. You've most likely also seen the official documents around a handful of bankruptcy, which also provide evidence of 6 and 7 figure incomes from Amway products alone, but you ignore them too.

I've little doubt if someone provided you with actual audited accounts you'd simply shrug them off as fraudulent

Legal Scan said...

I beg to differ with you IBOFB. You are ignoring the Andhra Pradesh High Court judgment on Amway India's business model which was confirmed by the Supreme Court of India.

IBOFB said...

Legal Scan - beg to differ with what? Brear is claiming nobody makes any money from Amway, which is entirely contrary to publicly available court documents showing people making millions.

Absolutely nothing to do with the AP courts either (a) thorough misunderstanding of the Amway business model or (b) attack on the entire concept of capitalism and free enterprise.

Joecool said...

What does Mr Brear's occupation have top do with the fact that most IBOs lose their asses in Amway if they are participating in a system.

Tex said...