Thursday, 19 August 2010

Amway apologists are tongue-tied

Suddenly we find all Amway apologists tongue-tied. After the text of the Andhra Pradesh High Court judgement which proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Amway India business model squarely attracts the provisions of Money Circulation Scheme, is published in the earlier posts, these nitwit Amway apologists could not come to terms with their wits, it seems.
The faceless fellow or the stupid fellow could not digest the hard reality in the judgement. Here is another comment I received from an anonymous fellow with the pseudonym Cloud.

Here Hello, I came across your blog today. Since this is my first and last comment to your blog I'll try to be brief.
Don't you have anything else to do than mess with someone else's business, seriously?! I think you're smart enough to mind your own work for which you get paid. I won't waste my time to feed the flames of your blog by arguing on Amway. But to just let you know, it became completely legal when it adopted the Rs.995 joining registration. No distributor get's (sic) profit off recruiting people, which is the funda of the 'binary system', which is what we call an illegal MLM. The court was jumping over amway because it was also thought to be a binary system joining scheme.
Anyways, it's a habit in the blood of journalists to criticize things they never understand. But I hope you are wise enough to do something productive rather than wage a cyber war against something that did more good than harm to anyone. The people who fail, fail to follow the ethical and friendly practices. I have no concern for them. Hoping that you come to your wits by doing something better like try to write poems or stories. "To live life to the fullest you need to serve others, rather than hurt others." You decide yourself whether if you are living properly or not. If you are then this blog wouldn't exist..isn't it ?

This type of fellows have no social responsibilities. They do not care whatever happens to the society and whatever happens to the economy of the country they are living in. They do not mind if the heists decamp with booty. They are happy with their cosy lives. They care very less if the social fabric of the society they are living in is destroyed due to this type of multilevel marketing companies. And above all, they find fault with the whistle blowers. They simply ask people like us to shut up and remain mute spectators to the daylight robbery.
They refuse to accept the reality that hardly a handful of people are only making money in the MLM swindles. They would be happy to dream and to remain in dreams. They refuse to identify the reality that actually they are losing money and someone else is making money at their cost.
The only question is shall we remain mute spectators to the on-going daylight robbery in the name of MLM or raise our voice against such atrocities.
This just another nameless fellow claims that after changing its entry fee to Rs. 995, Amway India has become legal. Anyway, he is agreeing that earlier Amway India was an illegal entity. It seems that he is a self-styled legal expert. He says that it is not binary system. Who said anyway that Amway India is a binary system. It is 6-4-3 system and the pyramid scheme is still in vogue. Just visit its website.


IBOFB said...

try tongue tired. You keep repeating the same blather, and I keep repeating the same facts, which you keep ignoring.

Next week I'll do a post on my blog about Amway India and Andhra Pradesh, then I'll just have to link there to refute your repetitive posts.

Legal Scan said...

You do not agree that the Andhra Pradesh High Court has rightly pointed out the reality. I pity you.

Anonymous said...

Read the controversy section.
The federal trade commission is more intelligent than you. And also AP High court had also seen that the money circulation scheme doesn't apply to Amway. Most people become successful in the business. People who were in the recruitment hunger are pitiable. But leave the genuine ABO's. We make some extra money by retailing and giving the opportunity to others. No one can become an Amway distributor by themselves, they need a sponsor. True this business isn't for everyone, but we're not trying for the masses, but only the classes. It's called private franchising for the newbies. Bata, reliance, coca-cola, everyone's doing it, so what's wrong with us trying to be like them and earn some money ? The business plan is for people who want a low investment business which has a 2-5ys term to actually get a good profit. It's not quick money, the court acknowledges that and so the matter was settled ages ago. You're rambling on and on for no reason. Do you get paid by someone for this? Blogs like yours are actually helping us, because no one believes your blog. We all know stuff on blogs about some random guy opposing something ridiculous is non-sense anyway, so thanks. We can now give people a reference to your blog that how misunderstood people can be, all thanks to you. I'm thinking of donating you some money for the funny posts. So bless you a long life so we can be entertained :)
Oh just for a reference, my name is Alex Craig, Photographer, Investing expert, and a proud Amway Business Owner.
Mr. IBOFB, nice avatar, whoever you are, you agree with me on this one don't you ? :)

corporate frauds watch said...

This funny guy is in a denial mode. LoL

IBOFB said...

Legal Scan, the Andhra Pradesh High Court has rightly pointed out that they did not have full hearings and were not presented with the full evidence and thus are not in a position to make a judgement.

That's what they said and why they dismissed Amway's petition.

That's the reality. Why do you ignore it?

Shyam Sundar said...

Do you disagree that the High Court pointed out that the two ingredients are satisfied to call Amway's business model is a money circulation scheme.