Sunday, 15 August 2010

Whether it is TVI Express or Amway all pyramid schemes are alike

Kasey Chang has while leaving a comment on the TVI Express rightly points out that it was a very simple question to all the people to TVI Express: "What have you sold to make money?" What have ANY OF YOUR DOWNLINE sold to make money?" Admit it. Nobody sold ANYTHING. So if you got any money, it was from your downlines. Go look up definition of "pyramid scheme". Jealousy? I laugh at naive and gullible people. I would never be jealousy of such."
Chang is right. All these pyramid schemes be it Amway or GoldQuest indulge in similar crime. Recruitment. More Recruits more commission. If the chain breaks all the downlines are the losers.
For instance, 6-4-3 scheme of Amway India is the glaring example.Every member should strive to recruit six members and these six in turn should strive to recruit four more each and these four should strive to recruit three each. Then as per the website of Amway India, the member could earn Rs. 56,500 every month.That is what the Andhra Pradesh High Court has pointed out while delivering judgement on Amway India's writ petition. That is again what exactly the same High Court pointed out while dismissing a batch of writ petitions filed by Gemini Techno and others.
These are the crooks out to cheat our people. Let us beware of these crooks and protect ourselves by throwing these crooks out of our country.


IBOFB said...

Shyam, how can you continue to be so blatantly and blindly ignorant?

I haven't looked at all at TVI Express, but the answer for Amway to "what have you sold to make money" is *everything*. nobody makes any money in Amway without people buying and selling of world class, award winning products. *All* of the comissions come from the sale of these products.

You speciously give the example of recruiting six other members etc, but completly neglect to mention that you make no money by recruiting those people

The money only occurs if they buy and sell or use products. If they don't buy or use them they are perfectly welcome to return them to Amway for a full refund - and nobody makes any money, indeed Amway loses money

Earning Rs56,600 comes about from the sale of Rs550,000 worth of products to 6 people.

What's more, if you sold it to fewer "recruits" (ie wholesale customers), you'd make MORE money.

Get that? If you sell the stuff to **fewer recruits it means you make more money!!!**

This stuff isn't rocket science, and you're not stupid. I struggle to believe you legitimately don't understand this.

Which makes one ask - what *are* your motives? Your spreading BS that I struggle to accept you actually believe is true. So why are you spreading it?

Shyam Sundar said...

It is not 'I' did not understand the racket. The Andhra Pradesh High Court rightly understood and announced its judgement. Do you think the Indian judiciary is incompetent to understand the dubious business model of Amway India? I do not know from which country you are talking about the business model of Amway. In India, the Amway is distributing money only after enrollment. There are umpteen people who lost money selling the 'world class' products.

Unknown said...

All amway products are priced several times higher than comparable products available in market. Else how do they pay those commissions.

IBOFB said...

Shyam asks -

(1)Do you think the Indian judiciary is incompetent to understand the dubious business model of Amway India?

I think the police gave a false impression of how Amway operates, and the court accepted it on face value. That lead them to misunderstand it, yes.

(2)In India, the Amway is distributing money only after enrollment.

This is completely false. Indeed the very example you give of Rs56,500/mth involves no enrollment at all once that monthly sales volume is achieved.

What's more, it's perfectly possible to earn money without enrolling anyone, yet it's impossible to make money just by enrolling without selling any product.

Two simple questions Shyam -

(1) if someone enrolls a million people in Amway, but doesn't sell any products, how much money do they make?

(2) if someone enrolls nobody, but sells a million RS of product, how much money do they make?

Tex said...

I challenge the idea Shyam is not stupid. I talked with him on the phone. He's stupid. Very stupid. LOL

Shyam Sundar said...

Tex you are back to old ways. Anyway old habits die hard.

Tex said...

Yes, I have the nasty "habit" of telling the truth, which simply doesn't correlate to this site! LOL

IBOFB said...

Why aren't you answering my questions, Shyam?

Did you not understand them?

Shyam Sundar said...

Your questioned are answered> Look for them.

GuyReviews said...

I frankly, don't see what you guys are mumbling about, because it sounds to me you two actually AGREE: that a business have to SELL SOMETHING to make money.

TVI Express sells NOTHING BUT MEMBERSHIP, no product at all. In fact, most TVI Express supporters now claim the whole thing is a "club", and membership IS the product.

Can we move on now? Amway itself says you have to sell things, and American FTC forced it to define 'sell things' as over 70% of compensation must come from selling, and less than 30% can come from recruitment, and that is only one of the several tests. Indian government of course, will use a different definition, but will probably study the American definition.