Friday, 16 April 2010

Amway advisor Baldwin claims he was military officer

Its hugely ironic, that the masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr.'IBOFB' Steadson, should now try to infer that I am some sought of paid agent and that I imagine myself to have the ear of MI5, when one of 'Amway UK's' financially-dependent 'consultants on cultism', Mr. Graham Baldwin, has (for many years) been claiming to have been a member of 'British Military Intelligence.' I know that Mr. Baldwin, who at one time also awarded himself the meaningless title of 'University Chaplain,' has even managed to get himself introduced on a UK television show as 'a former intelligence officer.' I had the dubious privilege of meeting Mr. Baldwin briefly in the mid-1990s, after seeing his name mentioned in the 'Time Out' article about 'Amway.' Almost the first thing he told me was that he had learned all about cultic brainwashing techniques during his time in military intelligence. However, when I asked him if he could offer me some tangible proof that any of these extraordinary claims were true, he turned a strange colour and swiftly changed the subject. I know that it is a criminal offence in the UK to impersonate a police officer, but I don't if a similar law applies in respect of pretending to be a military intelligence officer.
I notice that Mr. Steadson has absolutely nothing to say on the deeply-embarrassing subject of Messrs. Graham Baldwin and Ian Howarth. Unlike Mr. Steadson, this curious pair, do not claim to have any academic qualifications. However, they do claim to have made their livings by selling their professional services as Britain's leading advisors to cult victims and their relatives, journalists, lawyers, academics, the police, etc. According to their own verbal statements to third parties, since the mid-1990s, Messrs. Baldwin and Howarth's shared perennial corporate client has been none other than 'Amway UK Ltd.' Indeed, they seem to be quite proud of this fact. Consequently, it came as rather a surprise to discover that, in the wake of the UK government investigation of 'Amway,' a couple of distressed former UK 'Emeralds' issued a statement in which they claimed that a 'leading London lawyer', Clare Kirby (who I knew shared offices with Graham Baldwin), was gathering UK victims to file a class action lawsuit against 'International Business Systems Ltd.' (a UK company which I knew no longer existed) and 'Amway UK Ltd.' (an existing corporate structure which I knew to be insolvent) on the grounds that these organizations had taken money using 'undue influence.' . I was put in touch with these former UK'Emeralds' by a former UK 'Diamond' who claimed to have encountered Graham Baldwin personally at 'functions'. When it was calmly and clearly explained to them that Clare Kirby shared offices with Graham Baldwin and that Graham Baldwin worked for 'Amway,' and that they couldn't hope to receive a penny from a non-existent, and an insolvent, company (even if they proved their case), one of the 'Emeralds' made the astonishing and extremely angry verbal claim that Graham Baldwin, a former military intelligence officer, was acting as confidential advisor and that he had total confidence in both Graham Baldwin and Clare Kirby. Much to my amazement, the other former 'Emerald' tried to make friends with me. He began asking all sorts of questions about where I lived and what my interests were. He then suddenly tried recruit me into an absurd investment fraud, but classically he posed as the innocent victim when I told him exactly what he could do with his ' foolproof African derivatives'.
Tellingly, almost three years later, this much-vaunted class-action lawsuit has yet to materialize.
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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IBOFB said...

Brear, I wasn't suggesting you have "the ear of MI5".

I was suggesting perhaps your tinfoil hat had slipped and they were reading your thoughts from afar ....

Are you sure Baldwin isn't an 8ft tall alien reptile?

Sure sounds like he could be ....