Thursday, 29 April 2010

They are out to cheat you my friend

A reader Mr Nishant from Delhi wants to know whether investing Rs. 10,500 and getting back Rs. 15,000 in six months is a wise investment in a nameless company.
First thing we must keep in mind is that any firm or group of persons who want to raise deposits from public should get written permission from the Reserve Bank of India. It could be safely said that all these companies or firms are bogus and illegal and out to cheat people.
On the other hand, there is no business on earth which could fetch Rs. 4,500 for a mere investment of Rs. 10,500 in six months to pay back the investor after expenses.
The firm is attempting to cheat people and it is also a crime under the provisions of Indian Penal Code. I advise the reader to rush to the police and lodge a complaint immediately.
There are a number of companies and group of persons out to make money by cheating the gullible with false promises. Greed never pays. Do not fall for prey such tricks and lose your hard earned money.

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Tex said...

There are many companies that have their stock prices rise that much every year. Determining which company and which year is the trick.