Thursday, 29 April 2010

Nearly 1.5 million are quitting Amway each year

Your readers must now be beginning to see how the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have sustained their criminal activities, by employing genuine psychological warfare tactics to obstruct justice. The well-financed 'Amway' propaganda machine, which I have often referred to as the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth, has operated in exactly the same way as George Orwell described almost 60 years ago. Indeed it is fascinating to examine '100% Positive' 'Amway/Quixtar' propaganda when you know how neuro-linguistic programming works. The video which I have posted here, is nothing more than a counterfeit news broadcast made by the 'Amway' bosses. The reality-inverting term, 'Business,' is constantly repeated. Professionally-produced propaganda videos like this, are designed to prevent victims of the 'Amway' fraud from confronting external reality and complaining to law enforcement agents. As such, they are part of a pattern of major racketeering activity. The pleasant young woman who fronts this video segment obviously hasn't the slightest idea what really lurks behind the kitsch corporate front of 'Amway Quixtar.' She's merely reading a script. Notice also how even the titles of 'Quixtar's' grinning corporate officers are inversions of reality in themselves - 'Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.' Classically, Mr. Rob Davidson is endeavouring to defend the billionaire bosses and blame the minority of destitute victims of the 'Amway' mob who have managed to make complaint - 'they didn't work hard enough'. Doug DeVos, who also appears on this propaganda video, is one of the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob. What he says, is precisely worded so that he cannot easily be accused of directly lying: 'We've literally had millions of people who have been part of the business.' However, what Mr. DeVos fails to explain is, that during the previous 50+years, tens of millions of people (arbitrarily and falsely defined as 'Amway Independent Business Owners') have been churned through a closed-market swindle and related advanced fee frauds which were run by his own father, Richard DeVos, and his father's partner, Jay Van Andel, who were racketeers.
Currently, approximately 1.5 millions individuals are quitting'Amway' each year to be replaced by another intake of wide-eyed dreamers. A core-group of less than 5% of 'Amway'believers stick around for more than 5 years as de facto slave recruiters.
David Brear (copyright 2010)


dtytrivedi said...

so this means that there is free look period as well people can quite at day they want.

clearly this shows that amway is not forcing anybody for doing business.

so according to amway officials there are more than 3 million distributors world wide. (

so it means nearly 50% is the attrition rate.

Which make clearly evident

It is totally irrelavant to quantify the incomes of the distributors i.e. to take out conclusions on the base of average incomes of the distributors.

simple logic is that, its part time business any one can last for day, week or even years. besides there is no target given to the distributors and also there is no such quota type system in which one has to purchase minimum products (in terms of monetary value).

IBOFB said...

tens of millions of people "quit" the gym every year.
Clearly the gym is fraud.
Millions "quit" college every year.
Clearly higher education is a fraud.

A mere handful of people quit reading David Brear every year.

Clearly he's on to something!

Oh, that's right ... only a handful ever read him in the first place ... hahahahaha

So Brear, who are you really? You claim to live in Paris, but no sign of you in the French telephone directory, or anywhere else.

Shyam - have you checked out his bona fides? Maybe he's scamming you?

Tex said...

Got a source for the 1.5 million dropping out every year, Brear?

Joecool said...

Hey dumbshit IBOFB, is the gym a business opportunity? Are gym members told they will get rich signing up for the gym?

Legal Scan said...


IBOFB said...

JoeLostHisCool, I challenge you to name one person, anywhere in the world, who was told they'll get rich just by signing up in Amway.

Brear's numbers are completely wrong anyway. The 3-4million IBOs is IBOs who have renewed at least once. The vast majority of those who don't renew are first year IBOs. Heck, the majority never even ordered a product after joining.

Joecool said...


I challenge you to name one person, anywhere in the world who was told they would have a sculpted body by simply signing up for the gym.

Amway leaders, like gym owners don't give a shit whether you work out or not, as long as you pay the fees you agreed to when you signed up, just as upline leaders don't care if you succeed, as long as you keep buying tools and attending functions and never quit.

Gym owners want people to sign up and do nothing. IBO leaders want people to sign up and buy tools and don't care if they progress or not because then they don't have to share tool profits.

BTW, I didn't lose my cool. If you are using the gym as a comparison with Amway, the truth is that you are a dumbshit.

Tex said...

"The 3-4million IBOs is IBOs who have renewed at least once." Do you have a source for this?

Joecool said...

IBOFB schooled (yet) again. LOL