Tuesday, 6 April 2010

IBOs are de facto slaves of Amway

I never cease to be amused by the child-like lack of intellectual and psychological development displayed by Mr. Scott 'Tex'Johnson whilst, at the same time, he steadfastly pretends absolute moral and intellectual authority. Apparently, the poor little lad now can't understand what the simple term, 'independent funds,' refers to in the phrase 'usually with access to independent funds' (with reference to the minority core-group of 'Amway' adherents who manage to stay in the organization for more than 5 years). Unfortunately, the ridiculous question that Mr. Johnson has recently posted on your Blog on this very subject, is grammatically incorrect.
Your resident, insolvent financial expert, Mr. Johnson, already accepts that virtually no one (including himself) has ever earned an overall profit out of running a so-called 'Amway Business.' However, the tiny minority of chronic victims of the'Amway' closed-market swindle (including himself) who manage to continue for extended periods wasting their own time and money trying to recruit others into the swindle, although arbitrarily defined by the billionaire bosses of 'Amway' as 'Independent Business Owners,' are de facto slaves (i.e. persons who work without payment). By simple deduction, a de facto 'Amway' slave (including Mr. Johnson) must have access to another independent source of money in order to continue to finance their insolvent 'Amway' activity. In certain well-documented cases, 'Amway' de facto slaves have committed serious criminal acts in order to obtain sufficient indendent funds to continue to pursue their 'Amway Dreams,'whilst others have recklessly dissipated their: savings, inheritances, and/or those of their friends and family members, or they have run up huge debts with banks and credit companies.
It makes me wonder what was the source of the independent funds that Mr. Johnson has been enthusiastically wasting for the previous 17 years in the deluded belief that he will eventually achieve 'Total Financial Freedom'?
David Brear (copyright 2010)


Joecool said...

LOL, Mr. "Johnson" is over 50 years old and it took him 12 years to figure out the tools scam. Thus his slow capacity to learn clearly shows in his childish posts here.

rocket said...

Clearly there are psychological issues with Tex.

Pity, actually. If he could keep just stop copy and pasting the same crap over again he might be taken seriously.

Sad case actually, but I do wish him well.

Tex said...

LOL, Mr. "Nakamura" is over 12 years old and it didn't him any time at all to find the Hawaiian whores and contract various STDs. Thus his slow capacity to learn clearly shows in his idiotic posts here. LOL

Clearly rockette doesn't have a clue. Sad case actually, but I do wish him a brain cell. LOL


Most of the "5%" are now reading the internet and not getting involved with Amway. By the way, you didn't answer the 15% question, imagine that! LOL

Joecool said...

Who is Mr. Nakamura?

Tex learned how to bang his cousins pretty quickly though. You know, steers and queers come from Tex-as. LOL

Tex said...

Perhaps ibofb can put your entire sordid story back in the public area of his site, it will be very close to looking in the mirror, jc. LOL