Sunday, 18 April 2010

Masked IBOFB unable to back-up his boasting

Well, there we have it. The fearless masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson is still unable to back-up his puerile boasting with the name of the academic institution at which he allegedly gained a psychology degree. What a surprise. Instead, the poor little lad pretends that I am being secretly financed to run a crusade. Unfortunately, unlike Mr. Steadson, I do not have multiple websites, available in multiple languages, operated behind multiple disguises which seek to obstruct the investigation of the ongoing, clandestine criminal activities of US-based billionaire racketeers. Indeed, currently the only Site where I am posting comments, is yours Shyam. In the past, I have posted a series of articles on which are a general condemnation of the severe and inflexible Narcissists who, throughout the ages, have created, and run, pernicious totalitarian cults and who have always been served by vile little curs like Mr. Steadson.
Again, unlike Mr. Steadson, we do not find it necessary to make childish boasts. We are perfectly happy to allow the substantial content of our posts to speak for itself.
Mr. Steadson's recent attempted trivialisation of the damage caused by the 'Business in Motion Corp.' swindle (which I, and others, have recently sought to draw your readers' attention to), is particularly offensive. Mr. Steadson is unable to show the slightest concern for the suffering of 'MLM' victims and their families. However, the quantifiable evidence proves that Mr. Alan Kippax, who instigated 'BIM,' stole tens of millions of dollars from thousands of ill-informed UK and Canadian citizens during two decades, whilst using coordinated devious techniques of social and pyschological persuasion to load them with guilt in order to prevent them from complaining.
Exactly like the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob, Mr. Kippax ran his sustainable closed-market swindle behind a fake 'Business Opportunity.' Mr. Kippax steadfastly pretended that the (banal and effectively unsaleable) wampum his 'MLM Sceme' offered was of exceptional quality and of good value, and that it was being retailed by the non-salaried commission agents of his company (whom he arbitrarily defined as 'Independent Distributors'). In the adult world of quantifiable reality, the only people buying overpriced 'Bim' wampum were the insolvent agents of the company themselves. They had been tricked into dissipating their mental, physical and financial resources to the benefit of Mr. Kippax, no matter what suffering this entailed. Classically, 'Bim' de facto slaves were programmed to exclude all negative thoughts and influences from their lives (including friends and family members who criticised what they were doing). They were initially induced to hand over C$3400 (on the pretext that this was to launch their own business through access to an exclusive Website where they could buy exclusive holiday and travel products from 'BIM' ) they then had to hand over regular quantities of cash (on the pretext that this was to purchse these exclusive products). 'Bim' de facto slaves had then to recruit their 'positive' friends and relatives in the deluded belief that the Exact Duplication of a Proven Business Building Plan of consumption and recruitment would lead to Total Financial Freedom. When the overwhelming-majority of contributing participants inevitably lost money (because Kippax' financially-suicidal scheme had no external revenue) the reality-inverting 'Bim Independent Distributor Contracts' made it appear to casual observers that the victims were to blame.
In short, the grotesque, blame-the-victim 'BIM' swindle was a carbon copy of the grotesque, blame-the-victim 'Amway'original.
Like any 'Amway' schill, Mr. Kippax flaunted his stolen wealth in order to attract, and keep, his victims. He usually arrived at 'BIM functions' behind the wheel of one of his extensive collection of high- performance luxury cars complete with one of his private number plates.
Mr. Kippax is soon to be sentenced in Canada, not for committing fraud, but for his part in causing the death of his cousin and ruining the lives of an innocent young couple . The details of this incident, and of how Mr. Kippax' amoral attorney has tried unsuccessfully to prevent his narcissistic client from being held to account (by using quasi-legal delaying tactics without the slightest concern for the further suffering these have caused to Mr. Kippax' victims and their families), are enough to make any decent person want to vomit. However, had the Canadian police done their duty and arrested Mr. Kippax when complaints about his fraudulent 'MLM' activities first materialized, then this tragic incident would certainly never have happened.
For years, in order to obstruct justice, Mr. Kippax and his criminal associates sought falsely to portray Mr. David Thornton ( the one Canadian Citizen who continued to complain about the 'BIM'swindle) as a deranged and violent criminal and lone conspiracy theorist, pursuing an obsessive one man crusade against a legitimate business opportunity for personal reasons. At one stage, Mr. Kippax filed a malicious C$10 millions lawsuit against Mr. Thornton, but this back-fired when a Canadian Judge ruled that Mr. Thornton was within his rights, Mr. Kippax was indeed driving a coach and horses through legislation designed to ban pyramid scams. Even then, the Canadian police still took no action against Mr. Kippax.
Doesn't all this sound frighteningly familiar Shyam?
David Brear


IBOFB said...

Notice how Brear completely ignored the question about his education and how he makes a living?

Come on Brear, come clean and I might even tell you which University I graduated from.

I'm not commenting much on BIM because I can't find much about it. From what I can find I'd be surprised if it was in operation for two decades. The fact you think it's like Amway says more about you than Amway though.

But come on Brear, stop hiding, what do you do for a living? What's your educational background?

Shyam Sundar said...

Who is hiding behind mask? What is your real name? Why don't you come out in the open? Who you are afraid of? How ridiculous you are asking an honourable man like Mr David Brear come clean?

IBOFB said...

Who is hiding behind a mask? The picture is called an "avatar", it's common for people to use them on the internet. Mine is of a fellow called The Dread Pirate Roberts from a movie called The Princess Bride. Contrary to Brear's assertions it's no comic book hero.

As for my name, you're well aware of my real name, Brear has mentioned it in post after post, including this one.

Oh no!!! Don't tell me Shyam ... are you so bored by Brear's rants that you don't read them either?


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