Saturday, 17 April 2010

Masked Zero Yet to declare name of his Alma Mater

Strange, isn't it that the masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr.'IBOFB' Steadson, hasn't immediately declared the name of his Alma Mater, so that we can contact its Faculty members to confirm that his claimed psychology degree is authentic. As I've already stated, if the intellectually and psychologically retarded Mr. Steadson really is academically qualified, then it will be fascinating to know what his teachers and former colleagues make of his new career. Somehow, I don't think that any authentic academic institution would take very kindly to one of its graduates dressing up in a comic-book disguise and using its name as the guarantee of authenticity for a pernicious cultic fraud.
I hope that your readers clicked on the link to the Canadian televison exposé of the 'Amway' clone, the 'BIM Corp.' and its arrogant criminal boss, Alan Kippax. For those who didn't, here it is again . What was revealed by these Canadian journalists was truly frightening. An obvious and pernicious fraud, involving millions of dollars and thousands of victims, was not just being ignored, it was actually being protected by Canadian police officers.
When one of Alan Kippax's many victims went to the Candian police to report that he had been defrauded, he was redirected to a Canadian government Trade Dept. whose officials have no power to investigate, let alone to prosecute criminal acts. The situation could have come straight out of Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty Four.'
Essentially, what was shown on the Canadian television show regarding the 'BIM' fraud, was what I found to be true in the UK. However, when I discovered that my family were being targeted by the 'Amway' mob, I couldn't file a complaint with the local police. I was also redirected to a government Trade Dept. whose officials have no power to investigate, let alone prosecute criminal acts. Indeed, my brother had boasted that numerous 'Amway Distributors' in his own group were local police officers. I had also been told (by a former adherent) that almost an entire 'Amway' group in the North of England comprised police officers and their wives. At this time, I did have a telephone conversation with a high ranking police officer who told me that provided any officer obtained the permission of his Chief Constable, then that officer could operate a part-time business or hold a part-time job in the UK. However, this means that any officer who was officially granted permission to be involved with 'Amway' in the UK since 1973, must have lied to his/her Chief Constable, because'Amway' is not a business in the traditional sense of the word.
I wonder what the policy is in India?
David Brear


IBOFB said...

Oh come now Brear, you haven't yet told us a word of who or how you are funding your little crusade. Please - do tell! You've been happy to tell us about your poor put upon relatives, how about a little about you? Don't be shy now!

As for BIM - a very strange looking operation, but difficult to find details. They appear to market a range of disparate and unrelated products - water filters (at a truly exorbitant price - $3400), gem stones, and time share. Only the water filters seem to have anything resembling profit margins, and they're so expensive I doubt anyone bought them. I've been able to find out little about their compensation plan, but it appears you can "buy" yourself a position - always a warning sign.

In any case, they ceased operations last month, having run out of money

rocket said...

Uh, Breaer doesn't have over a dozen websites to help his cause, Steadson.

Psych degree? Please.......

Psycho degree maybe.

Shyam Sundar said...


IBOFB said...

And then comes Rocket - who likes to spread lies and abuse but still hides under the clock of anonymity. Why is that rocket? What are you hiding?

When I was "outed" all that was found was that I was exactly who'd I'd been saying all along.

rocket said...

What lies?

That you have a dozen websites? I believe that's true.

Grow up.

If you have a degree, then what's wrong with telling people where you graduated!

That's like trying to get people into a business and not wanting to tell them the name of the comp........oh.

Never mind.

What am I hiding? Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head over, Dave.