Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Socially concerned citizen raises pertinent query

A socially concerned reader R U M Rao writes:
Is Amway India not accountable in terms of submitting audited accounts and its business details? Has any one thought about it?
It's a privately held company (U S owners) operating on the Indian public, selling soaps and the like, under the cloak of DSA (no legal responsibility for its member activities), with little dollar investment (under which guise it gained entry into the country), with the ministers closing their eyes, and the Prime Minister not aware of the great corporate fraud and no politician sensitive to the sufferings of the gullible to take up the case in Parliament and so on. No one knows when the A P State criminal case is likely to be taken to the logical end.
Cannot a case be filed in the Honourable Supreme Court about this Private Company's operations as blatant violation of a fundamental right? Cannot any one ask for disclosure of the details with officially verified figures?
Cannot this be fought on a higher legal plane?
You are doing a stupendous job and hence this question.


Tex said...

More like a "stupid-dous job! LOL

What is the actual complaint? The U.S. and UK courts have already investigated the Amway business, and when the UK shut down the tool scam, they allowed the Amway MLM business to remain. The U.S. didn't look at the tool scam, but they decided the Amway MLM business is legitimate. India has no tool scam, so now we know what the complaint is - NOTHING!!! LOL

Shyam Sundar said...

Tex, the stupid, the complaint is the illegal money circulation scheme. It is the simple thing the mud-head could not comprehend. LoL