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IBOFB is following tactic of attacking rather than defending

It is looking increasingly likely that the masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, was lying when he claimed to hold a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. Now that his bluff has been called, he's following the 'Scientology' tactic of attacking rather than defending. Tellingly, Mr. Steadson, doesn't seem to be able to comprehend the plain English sentences -:
We do not find it necessary to make childish boasts. We are perfectly happy to allow the substantial content of our posts to speak for itself.
There are a lot of people who can see that so-called 'Multilevel Marketing' is the shield for major organized crime, but who simply cannot accept that it is also the shield for pernicious or criminogenic cultism. This is hardly surprising, since most people tend only to base their view of cultism on what they have read in the papers or have seen on the television concerning the ultimate activities of a few violent apocalyptic groups like the 'Branch Davidians', 'Peoples Temple', the 'Order of the Solar Temple' , 'Aum' , etc. Yet, when you start to examine even these violent groups in depth, you find that their unquestioning core-adherents' behaviour and personalities were controlled by essentially the same reality-inverting, totalitarian 'negative versus positive' fiction that controls unquestioning 'Amway' fanatics. Indeed, the leaders of all the above groups got away with perpetrating, and/or directing, all manner of crime for many years. It was only when enough victims of one of these latter-day 'Pied-Pipers' wound-up on mortuary slabs that the word 'cult' was liberally applied by the popular press.
The Japanese man who instigated 'Aum', Chizuo Matsumoto (b. 1955), was an almost-blind masseur who once ran a Chinese pharmacy. He began his criminal career in his mid-twenties buying a well-known brand of orange-flavoured alcohol. He then added some herbs, re-bottled and re-labelled it, and sold it as a 'Ancient Chinese Cure for Cancer' at a mark-up of several 1000s %. His victims were exclusively vulnerable elderly individuals whom he had ecountered in his trusted-role of masseur and pharmacist. He simply convinced them that they were suffering from cancer (when they were not); at which point, they became so scared that they would buy almost anything. Eventually, the swindle began to spread like a cancer itself. As a result of complaints received from the relatives of a few of his victims, Matsumoto was arrested for fraud and, in 1982, he received a derisory $2000 fine and a short prison sentence. He was also bankrupted, because he'd not been paying any tax on his illegal activities, but most of his ill-gotten gains were never traced. Amazingly, some of his victims turned up in court to testify that Matsumoto was an honest man who had cured them. What he later did using the made-up title 'Shoko Asahara' ('Great Enlightened One'), was essentially the same deception, but on a massive scale and involving a labyrinth of corporate structures (including a medical charity and a chain of restaurants) pursuing lawful, and/or unlawful, activities which prevented , and/or diverted, investigation and isolated Matsumoto from liability. Currently, he is still in prison awaiting execution for ordering his followers to release Sarin gas in the Tokyo underground in March 1995. These psychotic individuals really believed that they were on a mission to save the world. Prior to these events, Matsumoto had become a international celebrity when he tried (and failed) to take control of Japan by entering hundreds of his followers as parliamentary candidates. The fabulously wealthy 'Aum' organization hid behind an echelon of attorneys and co-opted Japanese academics (including sociologists and religious scholars). For years, 'Aum's' many dissidents and critics were falsely portrayed as an isolated bunch of ill-educated deluded conspiracy theorists, and/or religious bigots. Sadly, one young attorney who was representing 'Aum' victims, was secretly murdered by members of the group along with his wife and baby. Their mutilated bodies were not recovered until after the Tokyo attack.

One of the universal identifying characteristics of a cult is the repression of all dissent. However, the leaders of the most-destructive cults are megalomaniacal psychopaths (i.e. suffering from a chronic mental disorder, especially when resulting in paranoid delusions of grandeur and self-righteousness, and the compulsion to pursue grandiose objectives). The unconditional deference of their deluded adherents only serves to confirm, and magnify, the leaders’ own paranoid delusions. This type of cult leader maintains an absolute monopoly of information whilst perpetrating, and/ or directing, evermore heinous crimes. They sustain their activities by the imposition of arbitrary contracts and codes (secrecy, denunciation, confession, justice, punishment, etc.) within their groups, and by the use of humiliation, and/ or intimidation, and/or calumny, and/or malicious prosecution (where they pose as victims), and/or sophism, and/or the infiltration of traditional culture, and/or corruption, and/or intelligence gathering and blackmail, and/or extortion, and/ or physical isolation, and/ or violence, and/ or assassination, etc., to repress any internal or external dissent.

If your readers take a look at what was done to the American author, Paulette Cooper ( ), when she tried to challenge the authenticity of 'Scientology,' and compare it to what was done to David Thornton when he tried to challenge the authenticity of the 'Business in Motion Corp.', then they will see some very frightening parallels with 'Aum'. However, for obvious reasons, the billionaire bosses of sustainable groups like 'Amway' and 'Scientology' prefer to character assassinate, rather that physically assassinate, dissidents. Your readers can also watch a video of the gruesome 'BIM' guru Mr. Alan Kippax in full flow . They will notice that the reality-inverting '100% positive MLM' propaganda that Mr. Kippax constantly recites (in the face of mountain of quantifiable evidence proving 'MLM' to be a pernicious fraud) is virtually word for word what the masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, has been posting all over the Net. for years.

Needless to say, the inflexible Mr. Steadson will still try to convince your readers that we are an isolated bunch of ill-educated deluded conspiracy theorists, and/or anti-capitalist bigots. However, each time Mr. Steadson squawks, he's merely proving the validity of our analysis.

David Brear (copyright 2010)

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