Thursday, 29 April 2010

Good case for sequel to `Animal Farm'

Do you supose that young Trivedi has read George Orwell's'Animal Farm?'
Sadly, due to his incessant bleating, it's not that difficult to identify which of Orwell's exploited farm animals correspond to the Trivedis of this world. Similarly, due to his incessant squealing, it's not that difficult to identify which of Orwell's exploiting pigs, corresponds to David J. Steadson.
It's a shame that George Orwell is not still around, Shyam. His best-selling sequel to 'Animal Farm' would almost certainly have been 'Animal Corporation' in which a new generation of vile pigs decide to enslave the oppressed farm animals by offering them 'Freedom from the Slavery of Work as Independent Animal Business Owners.'
At the start of such a book the pigs could paint the 'Seven Commandments' of the 'Animal Corporation' on the wall of the barn; ending with, 'All Animal Business Owners are Equal.' However, at the conclusion of such a book, when the exhausted animals are dead or starving outside, and the pigs are billionaires living in a palace, the Final Commandment of the 'Animal Corporation' has been changed to:
'All Animal Business Owners are Equal, but Some Amway Business Owners are More Equal Than Others.'
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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Tex said...

Calling you a pig would be disrespectful of the pigs, Brear. LOL