Monday, 12 April 2010

Success India 2010 meet miserably fails to take off

For the first time in the long history of Amway, the dubious organisation which peddles the 'good business opportunity', is facing trouble. It could not organise a meeting in the coastal city of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh to highlight its achievements in India with the slogan 'Success India 2010'. The organisers had to tuck the tail and slink off when the police disrupted the meeting. They could not convince the police to continue the meeting. The MD and CEO of Amway India did not alight at the airport but returned to Hyderabad on the same flight fearing arrest.
Ms Bhavani, the area manager of Amway India, tried her best to convince the police to let the IBOs gather at the venue only to tell them that the meeting was cancelled. Instead the bewildered Ms Bhavani had to spend several hours in the Police Station and duck the glaring media lights.
The Police who were finally convinced that the Amway group did not start the meeting to begin the money circulation scheme and slapped a petty case of not taking permission to organise the meeting.
Anyway, the experience of 5K run at Hyderabad had come in handy for Amway India to run away from Vijayawada.

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Legal Scan said...

The incident took place on March 27 at the coastal city of Vijayawada. Shyam has forgotten to mention the date.