Thursday, 15 April 2010

DSA working overtime on behalf of MLM firms


The chain-business scams in the U S from the Ponzi times and as of 2009 have been dealt with at

There is a wealth of details and a perspective developed from lessons the history has taught us.

Goetschel, an Amway Diamond and a former IBOAI Board Member, reveals what “success” in Amway means after a long stint with it, and why he quit seeing his earnest efforts towards radical change on the part of Amway fail (2007).

He expected a complete U-turn, by soul searching and compulsion of changing times. But that didn’t happen. A Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General wrote to Pitofsky, Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)) that effective action against Amway is long overdue.

The FTC has acted pretty little; chairman changed as also the Presidency. According to the article cited at the beginning, the Direct Selling Association Lobby (DSA) is working hard on behalf of the discredited MLMs to get the free enterprise further entrenched. A satire'm-selling-amway/

perhaps reflects the trend. As regards the present Indian scene, Amway claims to have posted sales of Rs 1400 crore for 2009, a sharp increase over 1000 crore for 2008, and double the 2007-figure, 700 crore. If true, even with adjustments for the decrease of the rupee value, a note-worthy increase in sales in recent years can be discerned. Coupled with the claimed increase in the Indian Diamonds, it is disconcerting for those who can figure it out_ a rise of the floating and losing flock in this negative sum game.

R U M Rao


IBOFB said...

Goetschel couldn't even get his "first some facts" right.

Amway *globally* did $1.1billion at *Estimated retail* in 1982 and Amway *North America* did $1.1billion at *wholesale*. Should we believe Goetschel, an IBOAI board member, didn't know this?

That's not even considering his cherry picking (and racist) "Texas sharp shooter" technique of picking statistics of only IBOs with english as first language, and "founders emerald" as a qualification level. To be Founders Emerald in 2005 would mean having qualified Emerald in less than 4 years from registering - a rare and difficult feat indeed, yet 6 (english speaking) people managed it! In how many industries can you start a business and go from zero to profiting more than $90,000/yr in less than 4 years?

And let's not mention the fact he complained about Amway's prices - and then moved to a company selling bottles of fruit juice for $45 and energy drinks 41% more expensive than Amway's XS Energy!

Oh yeah, that was some "soul searching" alright .... :-/

Shyam Sundar said...

How much you have earned in all these years Masked zero? $90,000 a year, my foot, that is the bait to induce the gullible.

IBOFB said...

Shyam, I take it you too are dismissing Goetschel as a reliable source then?

Good we're in agreement on that then.

Did you tell your mate Brear?