Thursday, 15 April 2010

Why UK SFO turning Nelson's eye towards Amway?

When examining an organized crime group like 'Amway,' in order to avoid being distracted by its tortuous corporate manoeuvers, its bosses' hidden criminal objectives must always be born in mind. In simple terms, the only really important thing to know about any organized crime group is, who is ultimately in command and, thus, in control of all the stolen cash. Like the 'Italian/American Mafia' and the 'Ku Klux Klan,' these groups are built using ancient, esoteric, hermetic, hierarchical structures copied from Secret Societies (like the'Freemasons') and Religious/Military Orders (like the 'Knights Templar'). They are deliberately set up in such a way that their foot-soldiers can have only a very limited understanding of what is occurring, whilst the real bosses, and under-bosses, can survive all but the most-rigorous of investigations into the interdependent criminal enterprises run behind their (apparently independent) constituent structures. Indeed, the expensive courtroom farce that recently unfolded in the UK, is evidence in itself that the made-up name, 'Amway,' is hiding a classic, ongoing, major, organized crime group.
After 30+ years without any investigation, 'Amway UK Ltd.' (a company that steadfastly pretended to be part of a 'Global Success Story Built on the Christian-Inspired Principle of Helping Others to Succeed') was discovered to have always been secretly losing money (to the tune of tens of millions of dollars). When finally challenged by UK government company investigators, in order to explain how such a chronically-catastrophic business managed to pay salaries, rents, telephone bills, electricity bills, national advertising campaigns, charity donations, legal fees, paliamentary consultants, etc., its red-faced foot-soldiers suddenly declared 'Amway UK Ltd.' to have recently been receiving massive, foreign, cash injections from dividends held by 'Amway Europe' in 'Amway S. Korea'. UK government company investigators were informed of, but were not concerned with, the fact that two unqualified and corrupt cult advisors and charity directors, Messrs. Graham Baldwin and Ian Howarth, had been approached and given a share of this (undeclared) overseas cash to obstruct ill-informed UK 'Amway' victims (like my brother), and their relatives (like my late mother), from confronting reality and complaining to genuinely-independent UK cult advisors, law enforcement agents, journalists and legislators. Since the UK government's low-level civil investigation, and public interest winding-up petition, stopped when attorneys acting for 'Amway UK Ltd' convinced the UK High Court, and Appeal Court, thatthe company would, henceforth (after 30+ years), mend its anti-free-market ways, the following obvious questions were not even asked, let alone answered:
- What possible legitimate motive(s) could any individual, or body of individuals, in the USA have for employing (what is self-evidently) a centrally-controlled international labyrinth of corporate structures to transfer secretly tens of millions of dollars of (apparently authentic) ‘dividend payments’ on (apparently authentic) shares in an (apparently independent), public company registered in S. Korea, but held by (an apparently independent) private company of (the same name) registered in Europe, to prop up another, secretly insolvent (apparently independent), private company (of the same name) registered in Britain?
- Where exactly does this mind-numbing, intercontinental paper-trail end?
- Why would any legitimate American Businessmen want to pump millions of dollars in legal fees into UK-registered, private company that has always been bleeding to death financially, because of commercially-suicidal practises which were controlled by them ?
Even if these obvious questions had been put to the current bleating flock of corporate officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' they couldn't possibly have known the truth; for, given the wider-evidence (which they and the UK High Court were not given full-access to), there can be no doubt that ‘Amway UK Ltd.’ was maliciously registered in 1973 at the direction of US-based racketeers as a counterfeit ‘direct selling company’ expressly to offer a counterfeit ‘business opportunity.’ As such (for 30+ years), the real function of ‘Amway UK Ltd.’ was not the lawful importation and distribution of merchandisable products to the British public via its non-salaried agents (as its own officers, and apologists, steadfastly pretended), it was to act as a falsebeacon luring an endless chain of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable, and unwary, British citizens into a camouflaged closed-market swindle and far-more lucrative, advance fee frauds. These interdependent criminal enterprises, which are self-evidently parts of an extensive pattern of ongoing, major, racketeering activity (as defined by the US Federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, 1970), have been perpetrated (for 50+ years) around the world behind a mystifying labyrinth of (apparently independent) corporate structures pursuing lawful, and/or unlawful, activities, which itself was created to prevent, and divert, investigation and isolate the very same US-based racketeers from liability. The complete refusal of senior US and British law enforcement agents to look at, let alone attack, this perplexing international criminogenic phenomenon on a sufficiently high-enough level (morally and intellectually) in order to hold those responsible to account, is merely further proof of how untouchable this pernicious form of cultic/organized crime has become. Indeed, one of the convincing attorneys who represented the unconvincing 'Amway UK Ltd.' was none other than Peter Kiernan, a former Deputy Director of, and Head of Policy at, the UK Serious Fraud Office. This apparently highly-qualified attorney (who spent 17 years of his life receiving relatively small amounts of tax-payers' money to protect the public from lucrative fraud) was clearly informed by myself, and others, that 'Amway UK Ltd.' was part of a major US-based organized crime group which had caused considerable damage (including death) to members of the public around the world, and along with a colleague, Geralt Owen (who has previously advised on high profile investigations and proceedings brought by the UK Serious Fraud Office, the UK Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, HM Revenue & Customs, the Crown Prosecution Service, UK Health & Safety Executive and the UK Financial Services Authority) Peter Kiernan resigned from his job with Eversheds LLP without giving a full explanation as to why. However, he and Geralt Owen were in full possession of the facts that 'Amway UK Ltd.' was insolvent and that they, and Eversheds, were, therefore, being paid with cash deriving from overseas which, given the wider evidence, could only be the proceeds of major organized crime. Yet (as far as I am aware), the pair did not go to UK police, security services or to their former colleagues at the SFO. Instead, they kept their mouths shut and immediately accepted lucrative partnerships (believed to be worth around one million dollars annually) with the London office of Crowell and Moring LLP . Peter Kiernan subsequently claimed (verbally) to have been completely unaware that Crowell and Moring LLP has indirect connections with the 'Amway' mob via the contraversial privately-owned defence company, 'Blackwater Worldwide' . Indeed, today, he and Geralt Owen are still working for Crowell and Moring in the UK. 'Blackwater', which has given many millions of dollars in fees to Crowell and Moring in the USA (a firm with a declared global annual revenue in excess of $230 millions), is ostensibly owned by Erik Prince , who is none other than the brother-in-law of Dick deVos, one of the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob.
Given these alarming facts, it is more than just suspicious that the current crop of legally-qualified, senior officials at the UK Serious Fraud Office don't want to take a rigorous look at what really lurks behind 'Amway UK Ltd.'
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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