Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Aryarup is just another cheating company out to rob you

A reader, Mr Aslam, wants to know whether Aryarup is a racket or not. It is also one of the numerous cheating companies which have been cheating the gullible with offer of time-share and tourism packages. Such rackets are already in existence in other countries and the crooks in India also joined the dubious cheating clubs.
Never join such schemes young man, you are most likely to lose all your investments. They offer you a substantial earnings of Rs. 27,000 in 150 days provided you introduced more members in this binary scheme of the networking.
You may convince your friends and relatives to join the scheme by each of them investing Rs. 9000. It is a pyramid structure business model in which a sizable number of people would lose their hard-earned money. You would lose their trust and they would never trust you in future. On the other hand, it is a crime to join such schemes and make others to join them. The recent Supreme Court Judgement clearly said in Kuriachan Chacko case that it attracts the provisions of the Section 420 of IPC and punishable under the provisions of the Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.
My dear fellow humans all over world! Do not believe the sweet words of these crooks to join such schemes and lose your hard-earned money.

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Joecool said...

LOL, IBOFB has been called an "Amway whore" in the past, so I guess this post is appropriate.