Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Amla is another racket stepping into India

Amla, which has been wreaking havoc in the United States is now entering India in a big way. It has appointed dealers all over India. It has been answered in this blog what Amla means and how easy it is to find in the backyard of any household in India. Still, the juice of of this citrus variety is being shown as cure for all diseases including cancer.
A person who has accepted dealership in Hyderabad has the gall to call on one of the advocates of Corporate Frauds Watch to be the legal adviser for his multilevel marketing scheme. Now Corporare Frauds Watch is planning to file a criminal case against the company.
Whether it is Amla or Noni or the products of Forever Living Products, they all claim that these products have miraculous healing powers and they cure all the disease including cancer and AIDS.
It is not the ordinary people who fall for it. The educated scoundrels who are out to make fast buck join in all these new schemes in the belief that those who joined first make money and the late joiners would lose money. They do not mind to cheat their own friends and relatives afresh.
My dear countrymen, do not fall for the schemes of these crooks.

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