Monday, 29 March 2010

Amway's dreamers still continue to dream

One Ananta Padmanabha Swami from Madanapalli writes that he has been well motivated by Raja Naren to become an Amway distributor. He claims to be a taxi driver and a dreamer. However, he did not say how much amount he is investing every month to purchase products and how much commission he is earning. He is all praise of Raja Naren, a Diamond, but he was not clear whether he is working for him or a mere admirer. It is hoped that the dreamer would wake up some day and realise the futile exercise of dreaming.
At the disrupted venue of Amway meeting at Vijayawada, a newly joined distributor said that he became a distributor by paying Rs. 1000 and he is purchasing products worth Rs. 1000 and earning a commission of Rs. 60. When asked he said that he would have to purchase products worth Rs. 18,000 to earn a commission of Rs. 1000. He just smiled when asked what he would do with products worth Rs. 18,000 every month.
Now the Clueless Tex, the stupid, asks what is the evidence of the new distributor. He is such a nitwit he could ask any question. Anyway, it seems Tex, the stupid did not make a phone call to the police officer to verify veracity of the 'story'.


Tex said...

What's the policeman's phone number?

dtytrivedi said...

well shyam he is 6 percenter

six percenter can either be achieved purchasing products worth 18000 or by retailing or both retailing as well when his downlines (no matter how much they are) they do the business which exceeds Turnover of Rs 18000.

It way of doing the business.

remember shyam i was 6 Percenter too now i am now 9 percenter.

I earn 4000-5000 per month and my consumption is 6000 approx in a month.

let me tell u this 9percenter is a level achieved when 55000 turnover is generated monthly.

Shyam Sundar said...

Lazy Tex get back to older posts and find out.

Tex said...

I'm not going to look up a policeman's phone number. LOL

I'm not going to look up your phone number, either.

Fuck you Shyam.