Monday, 1 March 2010

Amway's uncharitable charity work inspires none

Baffled Trivedi with wide-eyes that of a child stated Amway India gave away gifts to nine children out of 80,000 participants in a painting competition. The Amway should give gifts to all of them because it is looted from their countrymen only.
Now it is apt to recall an incident where Amway India tucked the tail and ran away from the scene. Amway India organised similar painting competition in collaboration with a popular local language daily newspaper Eenadu in Vijayawada. Corporate Frauds Watch pasted posters all over city stating that Amway India is a cheating company which has been looting our country for the last one decade. The posters appeared at the venue of the competition too. The organisers employed men to tear down the posters with little success. The painting competition was conducted amidst tight security. However, Amway India which is supposed to conduct similar competitions all over the State of Andhra Pradesh called it off after its media partner Eenadu Publications cut the ties with them.
The main idea behind the renewal fee is lining its own pocket with public money and this was pointed out the Andhra Pradesh High Court in its judgement.


IBOFB said...

Wow, you're actually proud of disrupting a painting competition for kids?


Tex said...

If it uncovers the ATS and doesn't break any laws, why not?

dtytrivedi said...

critics whatever say about amway, but they are clueless to answer the reason for amway for posting double digit growth.

for e.g In orissa, amway posted a Rs 33 crore turnover by showing 34% increase in the turnover compared to last year. (it paid 4.96 crore as tax)

TO make matter funny, shyam , brear and legal scan have no reason to back their point (they will simply accuse).

For e.g. i told that there is no gain in an income or in sales turnover when a person gets enrolled in the business. Still my dear friend accuses amway that its an enrollment scheme!!!

very funny

Legal Scan said...

Apart from newspaper report do you have anything like audit report of Amway India to claim 'growth'. It is only claim and Amway is notorious for lying. It even encourages its IBOs to lie to the prospective clients.

Tex said...

Legal Scan,

Name a single Amway lie.