Saturday, 27 March 2010

Amway India chief Mr Pinckney virtually chased out

Why did Amway India chief Mr William Pinckney and Diamond Raja Naren run away from Vijayawada without participating in the much-publicised India Success 2010 meet at a college auditorium on Saturday. The obvious reason - Police chased them out.
It all started when an Amway victim, Mrs. Bitra Sujata approached the office-bearers of Amway India at Vijayawada with the plea that Amway India should refund the Rs. 3 lakh (Rs Three Hundred Thousand) which was spent by her late husband, Mr Venugopal to purchase products. The Amway India bluntly refused to take back the stock.
Hurt by the rejection, Ms Sujata pleaded with Amway officials that after husband died, she was not in a position to sell the products and that she is in a financial distress and badly in need of money. When nobody heard her, she approached an advocate, Mr Madanmohan Choudary who in turn contacted the Corporate Frauds Watch. A criminal case of cheating and money circulation scheme was filed against Amway India.
Mrs Sujata took the opportunity to raise the subject when the Amway India announced the grand meeting. Corporate Frauds Watch took up the matter and contacted the police officials. The police officials promptly reacted and disrupted the meeting chasing away the members from the venue. They have even removed the flexi boards, festoons and other publicity material from the venue and dumped them at the police station.
Mr Pinckney who alighted the King Fisher Airlines plane at Gannavaram airport was compelled to return on the same flight to Hyderabad without participating in the meeting only to dodge the police grilling. Raja Naren also took the same course of action.
Police said that the organisers of the meeting did not take permission for conducting the meet and that is the reason it was disrupted. If any victim comes out with allegations of money circulation scheme, they are ready to file more criminal cases against the company, the police asserted.


Tex said...

You only forgot one part, at the beginning...Once upon a time,.... LOL

By the way, what does "...organisers of the meeting did not take permission for conducting the meet and that is the reason it was disrupted" have to do with " circulation scheme?" LOL

IBOFB said...

So ... let me get this straight ... this ladies husband blatantly broke Amway's rules and defrauded Amway (and others) out of commissions and recognitions he did not deserve - and his wife is an "Amway victim"?

Sounds to me like both the wife and Amway are victims of this man.

Or do you, Shyam, endorse people breaking Amway's rules and inventory loading?

Tex said...

Not to mention Shyam has offered zero proof the story is true, and I've NEVER had an issue returning products. I suspect the reason, if the story is true to begin with, is the products were too old to be returned, which is clearly spelled out in the written rules: (See Amway return policy)

Shyam, you and Brear need to crawl back under the rock you crawled out from. While you're at it, stop breathing, you're using up MY perfectly good oxygen! LOL

Tex said...

Do you 2 (Shyam and Brear) realize the "other readers" (if any, LOL!) are seeing your stupidity on a regular basis? LOL

But keep it up, this is GREAT entertainment, and one place I can slam ibofb when necessary. LOL

Shyam Sundar said...

Cluleless Tex, the stupid says that there are no readers of this blog. There are at least thirty registered followers of this blog whereas he has only less than handful in his blog. LoL. Moreover, all the comments are written by him only. LoL. Such stupid has no locus standi to comment on my blog. Simply laughing off, nobody could not hide the truth. Because truth involves us all.

Thilang said...

Looser post. Amway is true legend n business!