Thursday, 4 March 2010

A thoughtful response to Amway tool scam

Here is part of one thoughtful response to my analysis of the so-called 'Amway tool scam' as a sustainable form of advanced/advance fee fraud.
'Mr. Brear I'm shocked and stunned... Every word of the wikipedia piece on advance fee fraud backs up what you have been saying about these MLM companies. US governments -- Democrat and Republican -- have refused to grasp what these consummate liars are doing. The FTC effort in the '70s was pretty much a joke. The US security services are worse than their African conterparts. They have stood back and allowed big-time con artists to buy protection and go on siphoning billions of dollars from overseas ... Wikipedia explains how American job seekers can be lured into Nigerian run frauds by the offer of employment opportunities with huge salaries. The Amway opportunity seems to be an American variant of the African bait where the job is a business with huge profits.'
The author the above, is a television journalist.
David Brear

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Tex said...

This guy sounded stupid, until I read the last sentence, which confirmed it. LOL

By the way, many MLMs do not ALLOW any profit to be made on the tools, much like the law now stipulates in the UK for Amway, so putting all MLMs together severely weakens your argument. LOL

Wow, now you agree it's not a Dem/Rep thing? How many thousands of words have you wasted complaining it's a vast right-wing conspiracy? LOL

I consider the problem to be less than refusing to grasp as incapable of grasping, either through incompetence or bureaucracy.
The 70s effort failed to examine the ATS (Amway Tool Scam).