Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Overpriced Amway wampum is a red, white and blue herring

I see that Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson's has offered your readers his unsolicited, simplistic version of the complex events surrounding the arrest of Bernie Madoff.
According to Mr. Bernie Madoff (who plead guilty at his trial) and his attorneys, when the world economic crisis hit and too many of his victims demanded their fictitous profits (which obliged him to confess to his close associates, including his wife, sons and attorneys) Mr. Bernie Madoff was the only person in the entire world who knew about the absurd Ponzi scheme camouflaged by 'Madoff Investments' and its miraculous ever-growing '50+ billion dollar hedge fund.' After receiving a comprehensive statement from Madoff's sons, via their attorneys, agents of the FBI finally arrested Madoff in New York City and charged him with multi-billion dollar securities fraud. In reality, Mr Harry Markopolos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D8asfMtx1o had worked out exactly what Madoff was doing many years previously, and on several occasions he approached senior officials at the US Securites Exchange Commission in two cities with detailed explanations and complaint, but these officials did absolutely nothing to stop Madoff and hold him to account. Amazingly, all these dunces with diplomas had to do was simply verify that Madoff was actually making all the endlessly profitable tradeswhich he claimed. However, it was common-knowledge in certain quarters of the financial community that Bernie Madoff was a psychologically-dominant charlatan, protected by an aggressive echelon of attorneys, who wasn't actually trading at all. There is a long list of companies and individuals who refused to have anything to do with Madoff, but who never breathed a word of what they knew to the federal authorities. It turns out that there were various low-level officials at the SEC who knew that Harry Markopolos was perfectly correct, but who were obliged to remain silent. I've actually talked to some of them.
A whole hat-full of individuals (including Madoff's wife, sons and attorneys) had been receiving piles of stolen cash for years. A mystifying labyrinth of legally-registered corporate structures (known as 'feeder funds') existed all around the globe which had been used to deceive victims and channel billions of dollars into Bernie Madoff's control. Many of the well-heeled victims who handed their wealth to these 'feeder funds', had no idea that Madoff was behind them. Despite Madoff's claims, various individuals who were involved in this criminogenic labyrinth have now been held to account.
I'm fascinated to observe that Mr. Johnson doesn't have the slightest empathy for his fellow 'Amway' victims. Indeed, he finds the fact that millions of people around the world have been defrauded, a huge joke. Interestingly, Mr. Johnson does not attempt to refute my deconstructed analysis of what are the essential identifying characteristics of all closed-markets swindles, no matter how they are camouflaged externally. His childishly infexible affirmations can be likened to some arrogant clown in 2008 saying to Harry Markopolos:
'I don't give a toss for your stupid and long-winded opinion of Bernie Madoff as a thief; if the SEC are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, then so should you.'
As for the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw's latest inane question: - 'Have you used Amway products?' - it should be abundantly clear (to anyone with fully-functioning critical faculties) that 'Amway's' overpriced wampum has always been a red, white and blue herring. This (effectively) unsaleable all-American junk really does exist, but only as a pretext for getting ill-informed individuals to make regular contributions to a camouflaged closed-market swindle or money circulation scheme.
David Brear


Tex said...

WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. As usual. Brear, you take the "stupidest person in the world award" today. LOL

IBOFB said...

Shyam - how is there more than 103 people in Amway?

Brear - which Amway products have you tried?

Tex said...

Brear and Shyam both use the stupid pills. And this site is proof they work! LOL