Monday, 29 March 2010

Masked IBOFB uses the same tedious tactics

The masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, is (as ever) using the same tedious and transparent tactics. However, it turns out, that these go back centuries.
In Steadson's latest intellectually-feeble post, he again endeavours to extrapolate a simplistic meaning from what I have clearly stated on your Blog which does not, and cannot, exist (in that unambiguous text). To this twisted end, Mr. Steadson pretends that I believe that the police must be to blame if laws are broken which they do not enforce. What I actually believe is that any individual, including Mr. Steadson, who has been part of the pattern of major racketeering activity lurking behind the kitsch corporate front of 'Amway,' is a criminal who should be held to account for his/her crimes.
As Steadson knows full-well, the employees of the mystifying labyrinth of corporate structures most-commonly referred to as 'Amway,' are neither democratically-accountable nor are they law enforcement agents. The self-appointed billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have simply created their own reality-inverting 'rules' for the benefit of public consumption. When the wider-picture is examined, these documents are revealed as being an integral part of the pattern of major racketeering activity lurking behind 'Amway's' kitsch corporate front; for these 'rules' were self-evidently designed to obstruct investigation by appearing (to casual observers, including journalists, law enforcement agents and judges) to have been introduced to keep the activities of 'Amway' adherents within laws made by democratic institutions defining what is criminal, and/or unethical. However, 'Amway's' own 'rules' have not been enforced, because they have always been malicious fakes. Their real hidden purpose was criminal - since they were never meant to be enforced, they were actually designed to authorize the closed-market swindle which (to casual observers) they appear to prohibit. A mountain of witness evidence proves that, in reality (for decades) millions of transient adherents of the 'Amway' myth have been secretly told by their 'Admired and Respected Leaders' to ignore 'Amway's Rules' on the pretext that attempting to retail 'Amway' products is for 'Losers' : 'Winners Duplicate Exactly' a 'Proven Plan' of 'Self-Consumption and Recruitment' - only '100% Positive Belief' in this 'Proven Plan,' can bring 'Total Financial Freedom'.
Unfortunately for Mr. Steadson, it was Cardinal Richelieu who observed:
'To make a law, and not enforce it, is to authorize the thing you would seek to prohibit.'
Interestingly, Richelieu was speaking about sexual activities which, although apparently forbidden by canon law, were actually rife amongst the senior clergy of the Roman Catholic Church during the 17th century. In effect, at that time, the democratically-unaccountable individuals who posed as upstanding legislators and law enforcement agents within the Roman Catholic Church, were secretly the organization's main law breakers.
David Brear


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So was that a "yes"?

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